Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LUSH hair care. Part 4

Again will repeat (just in case) some info from my previous post about LUSH skin care/body care:

I compared the prices for the UK and Finnish markets (quite a big difference, don't you think?). I won't "copy-paste" the full descriptions and the list of ingredients. You can easily find those on LUSH website if you want. I will present my personal thoughts only in the "claims, pros/cons and PS aka general stuff" manner. :)

Note: I won't mention all those "natural" ingredients in "pros" section, and "not so friendly" in "cons" section.

I have very long straight medium-blond hair that tends to get oily pretty fast. Twice a year (autumn, spring) I experience occasional hair loss (it's not that scary as it sounds, but I hate it anyway). If you read my first LUSH post, you might remember that New solid shampoo (the pink one with dry grass (!) on top) was the starting point of all this "love-hate" relationship. New shampoo and Veganese conditioner are the only two products I ever repurchased from LUSH, and am going to review them in a few seconds. I yet have to try the other hair care stuff I got from my recent trip to London.

Clockwise from Veganese hair conditioner: American Cream hair conditioner, Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo, sample of Aromaco solid deodorant (check LUSH skin care post for the review), New solid shampoo, Seanik solid shampoo (blue), Squeaky Green solid shampoo (green),Godiva solid shampoo (in the center).

1. Shampoos

New solid shampoo (4,53 GBP vs 12,95 EUR for 55 g)

Claims: "Stimulating spice shampoo bar for tired scalps suffering from hormonal hair loss. <...> We make it with bay, clove and cinnamon essential oils to stimulate the scalp. Nourishing nettle, peppermint and rosemary add shine and soften the hair."

I guess all these pros and cons could be applied to all solid shampoos (except for the specific ones i.e. claims)

Pros: easy to use (first I was quite skeptical), lathers really fast, perfect size for traveling, hair feels soft and shiny, non-offensive scent (medicine (!) fresh :) ).
Cons: melts too fast (you have to be very quick to apply it, otherwise it will last several washes only vs 3 months of "every second day" use), deco (why would I need this chunk of some giant dry grass to stuck in my hair or scratch me? lol), without a packaging (find a way to store it! the tin's lid is quite tight - hence, open it before you go to the bathroom).

PS I like this concept very much. However, I don't see much of a difference concerning the hair loss thing. I hope it does help, but I can't be sure.

Seanik solid shampoo (4,53 GBP vs 12,95 EUR for 55 g)

Claims: "Softening sea salt shampoo with jasmine, mimosa and orange blossom. <...> with protein-rich, softening Irish moss seaweed, Japanese nori seaweed and sea salt to leave your hair soft, nourished and full of body. We could have left it at that, but that's just not our way. We added lemon oil for extra shine..."

Squeaky Green solid shampoo (4,53 GBP for 55 g) not available in Finland?

Claims: "the first aromatherapy shampoo bar to get your hair squeaky clean in the greenest way possible." Contains scalp-purifying herbs: fresh rosemary, nettle and peppermint, powdered tea tree and chamomile essential oil. "Peppermint stimulates your scalp, while tea tree and rosemary help you to battle dandruff."

Note: My hubby uses this one for preventing the dandruff. It seems it's working for him just fine. The best part - he likes the concept also! :)

Godiva solid shampoo (5,37 GBP vs 14,2 EUR for 55 g)

Claims: "Sexy, jasmine-scented, two-in-one shampoo (and conditioner) Bar. <...> Godiva has the same sensual, jasmine scent as Flying Fox and Youki-Hi and it makes your hair soft."

Cynthia Sylvia Stout liquid shampoo (3,6 GBP vs 6,95 EUR for 100 g, also available in 250 and 500 g)

Claims: "Condition, body and shine for wavy, fluffy and frizzy hair. <...> Stout contains protein and gives hair weight, smoothness and gloss."

2. Conditioners

Veganese hair conditioner (3,4 GBP vs 7,95 EUR for 100 g, also available in 250 and 500 g)

Claims: "Lavender and lemon all-round conditioner for all hair types. <...> agar seaweed gel as a hair softener with lavender and lemons for shine. It's an effective conditioner for you to use." Perfect for vegans and everyone with fine hair.

Pros: non-offensive scent (fresh grassy-citrucy), a little goes a long way, easy to brush afterward, can't be sure if it's because of this conditioner but I recently got a compliment on how shiny my hair is. :) Comes in different sizes which is very good, because you have a possibility to try different products before buying the full (500 g) size!
Cons: hmmm... none? :/

PS Pretty good, but nothing really special.

American Cream hair conditioner (3,69 GBP vs 7,95 EUR for 100 g, also available in 250 and 500 g)

Claims: "Double-strength conditioning cocktail." Makes hair soft and strokeable, easy to brush. Smells of honey, vanilla, strawberries and oranges.

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