Thursday, December 3, 2009

OPI DS Fantasy

All the pictures were taken under the bright artificial light (surprise surprise lol). No sun here, but at least it's warm (for winter) and it's not snowing! :) Note: the colour appears much brighter than it is in reality.

15 ml (0,5 oz), exp. date: 36 (usually it's 24 months for OPI) months after opening, made in USA.

From Designer Series 2007.

Contains toluene and Formaldehyde resin (black label!).

Colour: dark navy blue with fine holographic (well, it's not really holo, but it "sparkles strangely" :) ) glitter. This colour is so strange. Under the certain light (i.e. most of the time) it seems black or dark, I mean really DARK blue, but when the sun shines it sparkles! Doesn't it sound familiar?.. Guy... hmmm... polish that sparkles in sunshine? lol

Finish: glitter

Application: very smooth application , 1 coat is enough for a full coverage.

Retail price: ranges between 7 USD - 15 EUR.

Pros: perfect coverage, easy application, nice brush, pretty bottle.
Cons: it's not that bright and sparkly as I thought it would be! the fact that it's so expensive here!

PS Since there is no much sunshine these days here in Finland, I can't appreciate the whole beauty of this polish. It sparkles only under the bright artificial light, not under the normal artificial light! I tried to convince my hubby it "can" sparkle, but he still thinks it's black! lol

PPS Can it be that I was "lucky" enough to get some crappy version? Or is it my fantasy? lol

PPPS  Hello! I'm a "Twiaddict"! :)

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