Friday, December 18, 2009

Sense of Smell

If you read my earlier posts, you might have noticed that I'm very sensitive to smells, to perfumes to be exact. The "normal" scents don't irritate my nose most of the time, but when it comes to skin care, makeup or perfume - I can hardly deal with the product if the smell is offensive (to my nose). The thing is that I don't get headaches, or any other "side effects", but I just can't stand all those scents/perfumes.

This "problem" leads to my long-time journey to finding a suitable perfume. I've been using the same perfume (Naomi Campbell "Mystery") since 2003, when it first hit the stores. Ever since, no matter how hard I try (checking perfume counters all the time), I can't find anything pleasant and wearable. It's a big mystery to me. I guess there is something really mysterious in the wonderful combination of powdery vanilla ("played by" tonka bean and sandalwood) and flowers ("played by" bitter orange, bergamot, plum and hibiscus), that took my heart away. :)

Why do I worry that much I hear you asking? The thing is that Mystery is being discontinued in 2008 and is Sold Out almost everywhere on the web. If only I knew it before! Why is it always so unfair? You seemed to find your HG, and suddenly it's being discontinued! :/ I'm on a constant mission now. I still have time (2 bottles of Mystery), but what if I won't find anything?

I like the smells of fresh strawberries, vanilla, coconut (The Body Shop version is the best so far IMO), oranges, peaches, coffee (even though I don't drink it!). But I can't imagine myself wearing this kind of smell. lol You know what I mean, don't you? :)

I was and still am wondering, how girls can change their perfumes all the time and have more than 3 perfumes in their "wearable collections"... I envy you! lol

I currently have 4 perfumes (Naomi Campbell Mystery, The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom, Burberry Summer and Giorgio Armani She Remix). I don't want to mention the ones I had and didn't like (my mom is a proud owner of those rejected perfumes lol). And even these perfumes I bought after long "investigations"... And guess what? I wear only NC! The other 3 just "sit" and wait when I'll change my mind. lol

The question of the day is:

Am I too picky, or is my sense of smell is so different and weird?! :) Anyone with the same "problem"? :)

PS Funnily enough I like choosing perfume for my hubby! Male perfumes are so much more fun! lol
PPS Nope, I wouldn't wear male perfume myself! lol


  1. I am the same way. I wear Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2007 edition (they changed the formula and now it's completely floral, gross). I'd love to have more perfumes to mix it up a little, and there are a lot of scents I like, but I just can't see myself using anything besides my CK. I do LOVE men's colognes though, I think I might start wearing that when I run out of my stuff. Have you ever heard of Demeter? They have a billion and one unique fragrances.

  2. Nope, haven't heard about Demeter. I'll check them out. Thanx for letting me know! :)

    I'd love to have a "collection", i.e. CHOICE, but I'm afraid that by the time I run out of my last "drop" of Mystery, I'll still be "on a mission".

    I just don't feel comfortable wearing something different (my other perfumes). I kind of like the smells, but they're not wearable. Does it make any sense? lol

    Wearing a male perfume? Let me know how it'll go. :) I love most of Hugo Boss male perfumes, but I don't see myself trying those. :)

  3. International shipping via UPS $40.00. Quite expensive. :/