Thursday, December 3, 2009

8ty8beauty haul Nr. 2

What a day!

We still have a green winter here! It's a little below 0C but it's not yet that bad. I can deal with it. :) I was so surprised to see the sun today! But then "suddenly" I remembered that I didn't wear any nail polish, meaning I couldn't be able to make a decent picture... again. lol

Five minutes later I was almost ready to leave the house when the door bell rang. Postman!!! With my 8ty8beauty haul! I decided to stay at home for 10 more minutes. I ripped the paper off, grabbed my camera, arranged "the set"... And guess what? Yep, my battery died after the first shot! Man, I'm "lucky" today... lol

Anyhow, I'm VERY excited! These are my first products from China Glaze, Color Club and Poshe. Can't wait to try these babies!

As you've probably seen all these famous polishes for xxx-times and you have the idea of what they look like, pretend you can recognise them from my crappy picture. lol

Can't recognise? Ok, here they are (as a bonus - my initial reactions):

From left to right:

China Glaze Side-Saddle: dark chocolate brown with golden shimmer. Pretty, but I expected it to be more of a burgundy undertone.

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle: green shimmer. WOW! WOW! WOW! It is SO GREEN (no bluey undertone, the original version?)! And it seems that my bottle is FULL of the gorgeous green shimmer (I can hardly see the base - dark green polish!)! I think I found a new love! Speechless! :) Sparkling Christmas tree! :)

Color Club Revvvolution: gray-black holographic shimmer. Interesting colour! Not that holographic as Wild at Heart (yep, no sun here again). I heart the bottle! So cute! :)

Color Club Wild at Heart: purple holographic shimmer. Pretty! I'm so happy it's a bright purple. I was afraid it could be very dark and "sparkle in sunshine" only (check the story about OPI DS Fantasy).

Poshe Super-fast drying base coat

Poshe Super-fast drying top coat

Here is my second attempt, several minutes ago (artificial light):

From left to right: CC Wild at Heart, CC Revvvolution, CG Emerald Sparkle (it looks brighter and warmer in a real life), CG Side-Saddle, Poshe top coat, Poshe base coat

PS This time 8ty8beauty were not that fast (took almost 3 weeks just because they forgot to inform me that one of the polishes was OOS and I had to replace it with another one!), but it was worth the wait! :)


  1. Hey, I got Emerald Sparkle from 8ty8 too! My package has probably not even shipped yet but still... yay!

    But then I saw Dorothy Who? on Nail Nerd's blog and cursed that I didn't get that one too. And now I'm thiking that I should have gotten some Color Club as well. Nothing is ever enough I guess.

  2. How many polishes did you order? If you still have "a gap" (till 6 or 12 polishes) I think you still might have a chance to write them and say that you want to add one (or 2) more polish. Just don't forget to copy the whole list you ordered and explain everything.

    Another option - you can wait for their letter with your shipping details, and their possible "Please, choose another polish as the one you ordered is Out Of Stock"(hopefully not, but this happened 2 times with me).

    I was searching for Revvvolution since summer. It was OOS everywhere! Finally, it "returned" to 8ty8. :) I can't believe I have only 2 CC! I need to get more! :)