Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nail decoration haul

One sunny day (September was quite sunny here :) ) I decided to try painting on my nails instead of painting on paper only. :) A couple of weeks ago I finally received my Ebay order. Here is what I got (copy-pasted these weird "names" from Ebay):

"Dappen dish for color mixing nail art palette" (set of 2)
These plastic dishes are very handy when it comes to mixing several shades together, or when painting own nails (so that you don't have to constantly open-close the bottle).

"Round nail art display practice wheel" (set of 10)
I already had the same set of "display practice wheel" prior to this order. It is extremely helpful in organising nail polish collection, in layering different shades and in trying out new designs/styles/ideas before making "the full hand mani".

Once I get my long-waited Essie Matte about you, I'll reorganise my wheels! :)

"Design pen painting brush dotting tool nail art set" (set of 16)
There is pretty good variety of different brushes in this set. It would be nice to have even smaller brushes (for tiny details) though. Bristles are quite dense, but not as good as your usual nail polish brush. I'd say these brushes are more difficult to navigate. I thought it would be much easier to draw something on the nail. I was wrong! It's not the same as just painting on paper! Why are my nails so small? lol

PS You can check my first try under "Christmas nails" title


  1. great...how much did u pay for this stuffs?

  2. If I remember correctly I paid around 13 USD (incl. shipping).