Saturday, December 5, 2009

Share the love: Squirrel

I decided to incorporate non-beauty related posts just for fun. I'm planning to post them ("scheduled at") during the weekends.

Here is my first "Show'n'tell". Hope you'll enjoy! :)

This story takes place in spring 2008.

One early evening I was waiting for my hubby outside our house to come and pick me up for a shopping trip. Then I suddenly saw a little something moving towards me. Imagine my surprise when I saw a little baby squirrel! Before that moment I've never seen a squirrel THIS close. Although we have lots of squirrels near our place and in Finland overall, I was never lucky enough to see them closer than 15 meters.

So this little guy came so close, I could actually touch him! I sat down and wanted to see him closer, but he suddenly ran away. For a moment I couldn't believe my eyes and thought I might have been dreaming. In 2 minutes my hubby came and we tried to search for our new little friend. We were worried that as he is so small he could have lost his mommy (it makes me wanna cry). But he disappeared, and we left.

The next morning (Saturday) I went out on our balcony and guess what? The guy from the restaurant near our place was sitting on the grass and playing with that same baby squirrel! Hubby went to join the guy. The squirrel didn't want to try any nuts he brought. The guy told that he found the squirrel inside one of the storage rooms and offered us to take it to our place and to call to the zoo.

Ok, to make the long story short - the squirrel was about 2-3 weeks old, and his little nose was "covered" with dried blood. Apparently he fell out from the nest and came to people. We were advised to raise it on our own with a kind help of one enthusiast who raised several baby squirrels on her own.

We became the proud parents to this baby squirrel. He ate only the milk for kittens for several days, later began trying out seeds, nuts and berries. He was extremely cuddly and liked to sit in our hands. He was falling asleep on my knees or on my hands (I was putting him into the nest we made for him). Two weeks after the day we found him, we had to set him free (otherwise he wouldn't be able to adapt himself). Btw, he changed SO MUCH during these 2 weeks.

It was a great experience! And we'll always remember him! I really hope he is fine and he found his family!

"I'm so cute and cuddly! Let's play!" :)

"I'm tired." (sleeping on my legs) Check how fluffy he is!

I've always loved squirrels but after this experience I ADORE them with all my heart! :)

To be continued! Stay tuned! :)



  1. That is soooooo cute! I'm just sitting here with my "awwww" face, lol.

  2. lol All the babies are SO cute, they make me smile all the time! :)