Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wet'n'Wild Rock Solid Nail lacquer in Pink Sapphire

 Bright artificial light

Artificial light

Artificial light (check the "whitening effect"!)
Artificial light

Note: this polish is indeed long lasting! See how my nails got longer (the gap between the cuticle and polish) but the polish is still OK! :)

10 ml (0,33 oz), exp. date: no info, made in UK.

Toluen & Phthalate Free (contains Formaldehyde Resin!).

Claims: "Infused with micro fine diamond flecks for rock solid strength and platinum performance."

Colour: pale milky pink with very fine silver shimmer. This shade is so versatile! You can wear it anywhere: office, party, wedding (!), etc.

Finish: creme (jelly?)-shimmer.

Application: pretty smooth application , but very sheer. I usually apply 3 coats, but as you can see from the pictures - the white nail line is still visible. And here comes a "secret trick"! Somehow this polish makes your tips look visually whiter! In person it looks like you have false nails (in a good way :) ) on!

Retail price: 3,95 EUR (quite often Wet'n'Wild products are on "Buy 3 pay for 2" offer).

Pros: versatile shade, nice brush, pretty bottle (with a "diamond" on top!), list of ingredients, long lasting.
Cons: sheer, smelly (!). I'm not sure what was the problem, but when I tried this particular polish with Sally Hansen's fast drying top coat, after the removal process I discovered "a surprise" - my nails turned yellow! I've never experienced this before... Weird!

PS If you have troubles in making the French tips yourself, or you just don't have time, grab this polish. :) It will make your nails look clean&sophisticated. :)

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