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LUSH body care. Part 3

Will repeat some info from my previous post about LUSH skin care:

I compared the prices for the UK and Finnish markets (quite a big difference, don't you think?). I won't "copy-paste" the full descriptions and the list of ingredients. You can easily find those on LUSH website if you want. I will present my personal thoughts only in the "claims, pros/cons and PS aka general stuff" manner. :)

Note: I won't mention all those "natural" ingredients in "pros" section, and "not so friendly" in "cons" section.

1. Soaps

Common cons:

  • All soaps only lather a little bit and leave a weird "slippery-dry (paradox!)" residue. Finnish soft water might be the problem. Have no idea why these soaps act like this. :/ Haven't experienced anything like this with Palmolive or Dove soaps...
  • Without a packaging (find a way to store it!)

Honey I Washed the Kids (2,95 GBP vs 5,7 EUR for 100 g)

Claims: calms, soothes, smells delicious.

Pros: honey-toffee sweet delicious scent!
Other cons:

PS I tried to use it as a body wash a couple of times, but after the weird feeling afterward (see the "note") I'm using it only for my hands, and only because of the delicious smell!:) I usually have extremely dry hands so this soap doesn't do anything to ease the situation.
PPS My hubby sometimes uses it as a face wash (!), he likes it. :)

Mud Flats (2,85 GBP vs 4,5 EUR for 100 g)

Claims: purifies, cleanses spotty backs and smelly feet (LOL!).

Pros: can't think of any... :/
Other cons: scratchy, muddy scent.

PS This is a total FAIL! :(
PPS My hubby uses it sometimes as a "scrub for his back" (he doesn't have a spotty back though), he likes the scratchy feeling (!). :)

Porridge (2,56 GBP vs 5,4 EUR for 100 g)

Claims: "Ideal for sensitive skin; irresistible to everyone else." If I remember correctly, it mildly exfoliates and softens skin.

Pros: creamy-milky-sweet-warm delicious scent!
Other cons: The soap melts so fast leaving those oatmeal bits that are extremely scratchy (for sensitive skin? r u kidding me?)!

PS I can only smell it... but not touch it! lol
PPS I've heard LUSH renewed their Porridge formula a little bit - oatmeal bits are much smoother. I'm not sure if I have the older version though (I bought mine in spring).

Sexy Peel (2,91 GBP vs 5,2 EUR for 100 g)

Claims: wakes you up = refreshes.

Pros: the soap looks nice (yellow with little bits of orange peel)...
Other cons: citrus fresh scent? Wrong! It smells plastic when wet. The citrus note is very VERY VEEERY mild.

PS This plastic smell can definitely wake you up, but do you really need it? :)

2. Bath Ballistics

Butterball (2,22 GBP vs for 95 g)

Claims: "It will fizz joyously, scenting the water with sweet musk and vanilla while softening you up nicely."

Pros: nice sweet vanilla scent (when dry), fizzes!
Cons: scent almost disappears once you wet it, didn't feel any "softening effect" afterward (the same story as with soaps - feels kind of oily first, but then dries out completely).

PS It is my first and probably the last bath ballistics, because I don't understand how one can sit in the seemingly plain dusty water without bubbles (!!!). lol

3. Deodorants


Pros for all the deodorants: no matter how much you sweat when using these deodorants, you won't feel "the odour" but the scent of the certaing deodorant you're using! :) A little goes a LOOONG way (should it be in the cons section? lol).
Cons for all the deodorants: the application is time-consuming and quite messy, because you have to apply it with your fingers/hands.
Attention! Don't rub it into your skin, just dab a little bit!

What I mean by:
"pretty well": if you sweat more than you usually do - you might get "wet armpits".
"works well": if you sweat a lot - you might get "wet armpits".
"works wonders": if you sweat a lot - your armpits stay almost dry (no discomfort)! :)

Coconut powder deodorant (3,69 GBP vs 7,5 EUR for 50 g)

Claims: deodorises (obviously), contains calming essential oils (from fragrant vetivert grass and benzoin gum), absorbs moisture.

Pros: nice smell (light powdery coconut), works pretty well on normal i.e. non-busy, non-sporty, non-active days.
Cons: the lid of the jar/container is so tight it makes the opening/closing "process" really painful sometimes! I guess it's my "luck" getting this stubborn lid... The deodorant irritates my skin (becomes red&itchy! awful!) when I happen to use it on busy/active days. I've heard it can leave dirty-yellow marks on light-coloured clothes (haven't "tested" it though).

Aromaco deodorant for all over your body (3,93 GBP vs 7,25 EUR for 100 g)

Claims: "Patchouli is cooling on the skin, astringent and soothing."

Pros: non-offensive scent (patchouli), works pretty well on active days also.
Cons: without a packaging (find a way to store it!). Sometimes irritates my skin (itchy! but at least no redness). On especially active days (when you sweat a lot) transforms into oily residue (nope, it's not sweat!). I've heard it can leave dirty-brown (!) marks on light-coloured clothes (haven't "tested" it though).

Aromacreme (4,25 GBP for 100 g) discontinued?

Claims: not only deodorises but also nourishes/softens, perfumes (!) armpits.

Pros: non-offensive scent (powdery almond&ylang ylang), works wonders on active days.
Cons: without a packaging (find a way to store it!). Rarely irritates my skin (itchy! but at least no redness). I've heard it can leave dirty-brown-yellow (!) marks on white clothes (haven't "tested" it though).

(Common) PS Hassle with the application, possible irritations - no, thanx, it's the least I want on my busy day!.. and on my normal day too...

4. Temple Balm

Whoosh (4,19 GBP vs 7,95 EUR for 10 g)

Claims: "Keeps your mind bright and active. <...> How does it work? It applies reviving essential oils of lime, lemon and grapefruit to your tired body and brain. Then it adds refreshing rosemary and stress reducing geranium so you stay nice and calm."

Pros: nice little tin, non-offensive scent (strong fresh lime-lemon-grapefruit) A little goes a LOOONG way (should it be in the cons section? lol) because you obviously don't need it every day.
Cons: expires in 14 months from the production (not when you actually open it!) date, meaning that you might end up with a half-full but spoiled (it dries out and starts to smell kinf of plastic!) product. Doesn't awaken me enough. :/

PS I sleep enough time, but sometimes it's so hard to wake up (especially some day in winter at 6!). Unfortunately, this balm doesn't do any difference. Maybe it's just me. or maybe it's Whoosh. lol Total fail IMO.

A little extra - the picture of some of the LUSH products previously discussed (incl. Mask of Magnaminty, Breath of Fresh Air toner, Imperialis face cream, Ocean salt mask), discussed in this post (incl. Whoosh temple balm, Honey I Washed the Kids & Mud Flats soaps (in the left corner of the picture), Aromacreme deodorant (in the clear jar)), and the ones that will be discussed in the near future (incl. Veganese hair conditioner).

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