Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ins and Outs December

  • Hauling! No comments! lol
  • Nail polishes! I used to be a huge fan when I was 14-17, then it stopped for quite awhile (almost 10 years!), and now the whole "obsession" thing started again. :)
  • Mineral eye shadows! It can never be too much green eye shadows, am I right? lol
  • Holidays!
  • Dry hands! The condition of my hands in winter is really really bad. They're peeling to blood! GROSS!
  • Skin issues! My acne-prone skin is a big mess right now.
  • Barry M mascara. FAIL!
  • The fact that time FLIEEEES! Sometimes I wish there could be at least 30 hours in a day! lol
  • Waiting for orders to arrive! :)
  • Problem in finding a new WEARABLE perfume! Check my Sense of Smell post, you'll get the idea.
  • Snow! Am I the only person in the universe who hates snow? :/ I understand it's beautiful, but, man, it's dangerous! I almost broke my hand twice ("nice winter tradition") and can't count how many times I "just" slipped! And what about finding your car in the middle of "whiteout"? Winter is not my thing, definitely! lol
  • Cold weather! -16C, me not happy! lol
What are yours?


    1. I'm with you, I HATE the cold weather and the snow here... we had about 4 inches, then it all melted, and I just looked outside and it's snowing again. >:[

    2. Love how snow looks but hate the cold. I really can't take it. It's supposed to snow later today. After we finally got rid of it all due to all the rain! Be careful sweetie and have a Happy New Yeear.

    3. Lucy, thank you dear! :) Best wishes to you too!

      We got even more snow. I must admit, I like how it looks on the trees, but not how it looks on the parking slots and on the roads! lol I won't mention the trouble with our public transport, because it frustrates me so much!..