Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's in my bag?

I LOVE watching/reading posts about "What's in my bag", collections of nail polishes or makeup! One day I decided to take a picture of my "precious". lol

Here it is...

Marc O'Polo bag

Shame on me, but I have no idea what's the material. Thick nylon perhaps? All I know it's not leather. :) The zippers, rings and buttons are made of really heavy and cold (!) steel.

Size: medium size - perfect for my minimalism. :) It has 4 pockets (2 big ones and 2 small ones on the sides) on the outside, and 3 medium size pockets on the inside.

Colour: black, obviously. :)

Perfect for autumn, winter... in other words perfect for any day when I wear a coat or a trench (I'm obsessed with coats and trenches...). I prefer a classy style with a little "heavy metal" twist. :)

I just ADORE this bag.

Got bored? lol Ok, so here is what was in my bag the day I took these pictures.

Not much stuff, huh? :)

I told you I am quite a minimalist ("Less is more", blah blah blah :) ). And I like to organise everything. :) On to the details... Starting from the left (purse) and going clockwise.

1. My black faux/patent leather purse (in the left corner). I bought it in 2003, I can still remember the approximate date, because it was the month we started dating with my hubby (mehhh, he is everywhere! lol). It was dirty cheap! I can't remember exactly, but I guess it was something around 5 EUR! It has loads of pockets and 3 big compartments. DREAM! I bought several more purses since that time, but I still come back to this one all the time.

2. Lambi Balsam tissue handkerchifs with Aloe Vera.

3. Glass nail file. It is my first and the only glass nail file. I've been using it since the day I bought it. And believe me, it was a long time ago! If I remember correctly I bought it in 1998! Even though I broke it in 2003 (yep, I remember the date because of my hubby, see "the story about my purse"), it's still perfect! Have no idea what is the brand... :/ I understand it's a little bit ugly but I love it anyway! :)

4. Blue round mirror. I have several purse size mirrors, but still carry the ugliest one with me... I got it in 2002 (yep, I value good things :) ).

5. Lumene eyebrow Eyebrow Graphics pencil in Grey Brown 2. I carry this little one around for emergencies (what if I "remove"/smudge my brow accidentaly? :) I've mentioned already - my eyebrows are really fair!).

6. Labello CareGloss&Shine lip gloss in Natural. My balm "on the go". Moisturises, makes my lips shiny, but I can hardly deal with the flavour/scent (too freaking sweet).

7. Clinique Superbalm moisturizing gloss (mini size - 5 ml) in 09 Currant. The colour is not that scary as it seems, it's very very sheer, but can brighten up the lip colour. I can easily deal with the plastic "non-perfume" "cliniquesh" scent. :)

8. Wrigley's Extra (also known as Orbit in some other countries) Strawberry flavoured sugarfree gum (xylitol). One of my favourites. I don't really like the mint ones, I prefer something "mildly sweet". My favourite gum is Orbit Wild Strawberry White, but we don't have it in Finland. I buy it "in bulk" when I go to the Baltic states. :)

9. Läkerol Licorice Persimon sugarfree pastilles. The second favourite from Läkerol is Pitaya (with strawberry pieces) sugafree pastilles. Yum! :)

10. Unika Mini organiser-notebook. This model has the best page layout IMO. I don't like to use electronic organisers, it's so much easier just to take a pen and write everything down sometimes. :) PS You probably can hardly tell, but there is a tree (on the hill) on the cover. And it's BLACK! Love black! :)

11. Just a simple pen with the best blue ink shade ever. :)

12. Max Factor PanStick in 12 True Beige for covering emergencies "on the go". I usually carry my mineral powder and a brush just in case, but at the time the picture was taken I've just returned from the shopping trip, so it wasn't necessary to be "fully-loaded". :)

13. Tea Tree Facial Oil Blotting Paper - just in case. It's not special though.

14. Hand freshener. I have loads of these stuff from different trips. I usually carry a mini bottle of a hand sanitizer but for the shopping trip one tissue is enough. :)

15. Travelling card.  Had to change it last week. Why did they decided to change these travel cards? It was such a nice blue card, and now it's light green with a bus on it!

16. My keys with a silver heart (a present from my best friend) and a LED-light (yep, it's sometimes dark here! lol) keychains. I have several keychains and can't resist buying new ones. :)

17. Wooden hair comb. I usually carry a smaller version of my natural bristle hairbrush but not this time.

And that's it! :)

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