Wednesday, December 2, 2009

OPI Tickle My Francey

Artificial light

Artificial light

Natural light (shadow, where would you get the sun in Finland these days? :) )

15 ml (0,5 oz), exp. date: 24 months after opening, made in USA.

From France collection 2008.

Seems to be 3 Big free (green label!).

Colour: pale dusty gray rose/mauve. This colour is so strange. Under the certain light it seems more of a cool tone, but I still think it's more of a warm tone (despite the fact that it may make your hands look a little bit dead... cold... huh... lol).

Finish: creme. I would call it milky! :)

Application: very smooth application , 2 coats is enough for a full coverage.

Retail price: ranges between 5 USD - 15 EUR.

Pros: perfect coverage, easy application, nice brush, pretty bottle, big 3 free.
Cons: the fact that it's so expensive here!

PS Pretty unusual colour suitable for office though. But wear it with caution! :)


  1. this is one of my favorite nudes :) i think it depends on your skin tone though, because a few of my cooler-toned friends have tried it and it looked ghastly on them!

  2. I agree, it depends on the skin tone most of the time. Coupling it with a glittery/shimmery top coat could make a difference for the ones with a "dead hands" look. :)

  3. I looove this colour!!
    I love kinda nude nails =) Glamorous :)

  4. Yep, it's indeed kind of classy sophisticated glamorous nude. :)