Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacation! :)

Hi there, dear ladies (and gents?)! :)

I was away from blogging for quite a while, but I managed to read your blogs from time to time.:) I had some major changes in my life (ok, there are no any drastic i.e. bad changes, but still). :) And now we're going to a 2-3 week trip.

On Thursday we are heading to my home country. My best friend has a bridal shower (with a very cool theme!!! I'll probably tell you later) and a week later - THE wedding! Oh my, I struggled so much with my dress, but finally found a perfect one for me - one-shoulder dark electric blue dress. And... did I mention that I dyed my hair?.. It had to be "Chestnut", but appeared... ahem... dark but still vivid ginger!!! lol I must admit, I like the shade, although it's quite bright for my liking. Paradox? lol Later we're planning to visit Latvia.

I decided to put a couple of "preview" pictures for you, so that you know that I'll be blogging when I'm back. :) Stay tuned for reviews! :)


 Haus of Gloi


The Organic Body Care Shop

PS Keep in mind that it's just the tiniest part of what I "accumulated" lately. lol