Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas nails

The other day I finally decided to try my nail decoration set (will write about it later) I bought a couple of weeks ago.

Promise not to laugh! :)



All the colours are shimmery. Hence, they look so washed out. :/ Yep, artificial light and flash again. :)

The inspiration: candy cane and mistletoe (obviously :) ).

What I used:

1. Poshe Fast drying base coat.
2. Mavala Nail color cream in Nr. 49 White (2 coats). Honestly, it's the worst polish I own! Brush strokes are everywhere! And the brush is difficult to "navigate"!
3. IsaDora Wonder Nail Extra long lasting Quick Dry in Nr. 620 Sparkling Diamonds as a top coat (check my review if you're interested) (1 coat).
4. Poshe Fast drying top coat.
5. So called "Dappen dish for color mixing" and 2 different brushes from nail design set.
6. China Glaze Emerald Sparkle - for leaves.
7. Rimmel 60 seconds Vinyl stars nail polish in Nr. 627 Movie Star - for stripes and "berries".
PS No Konad, because I don't have one! lol

All the painting was quite time-consuming, because the polish was drying out VERY quickly (if only it would act like that on my nails! lol) on that "dish", so I had to open-close the bottle quite often. I usually don't spend that much time on doing my nails. :) But I just had to finish this!

It looks so sweet and girly, totally "not me". :) Nevertheless I'm quite pleased with my first attempt, especially with a tiny mistletoe. :) *thinking of something else to try!*


  1. Very nice. :)
    Nail decoration set????????
    Great job,

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  3. Thank you! :)

    Susie, I mean 2 brushes from "16 Design Pen Painting Brush Dotting Tool Nail Art Set" (what a name! lol Copied from ebay). Just plain brushes, the only difference they're dense enough to use them with nail polishes. :)

  4. Thanks for letting me know. You sure do a nice job with them.