Saturday, December 12, 2009

Share the love: Squirrel 2

I'm continuing my "tradition" of non-beauty related posts for the weekends.

If you read the previous story about our "adopted" squirrel, you might recall I said I adore squirrels ever since. :)

Here is another little "Show'n'tell" story.

One day (in March, 2009) I was "checking" the weather from our kitchen's window. And what did I see? Yep, right! Crouching squirrel! :) The little fellow was looking for something under the roof of the opposite house. It looks so cute, but I do understand that it was probably looking for food, or making a mess?.. Quite sad, isn't it? At least it looked healthy. I really hope so!

Spidersquirrel? :) 

Batsquirrel? :)

Supersquirrel! lol (btw, it's snow on the background! In the middle of March!)

Hope you enjoyed! :)

To be continued! Stay tuned! :)


PS I took these pictures through the window. Hence, they are so blurry.


  1. I love those little guys, they're all over our yard around the apartment complex. People aren't supposed to feed them but we do because they are so good at begging... I'm a succer for beady little eyes...

  2. They're incredibly cute! Yep, it's better not to feed them, especially with peanuts. The best choice would be pine nuts/seeds (good choice, isn't it? :) ). I always carry a little "bag of goodies" for squirrels when we go to Seurasaari or Korkeasaari. Imagine, it was useful only once! I'm this "lucky" in meeting squirrels "face-to-face"! lol