Monday, March 1, 2010

Jewelry and bijouterie

I am such a minimalist! Especially when it comes to jewelry or accessories. The maximum I can wear at once - bracelet, earrings and scarf/pendant/necklace - one (pair) of each. The only ring I ALWAYS wear nowadays is my wedding ring. I used to wear 2-3 rings when I was in high school, but not anymore.

I have a very modest collection; and my relatives know that it's usually pointless to give me jewelry as a present. Though my dad likes to bring me some stuff from his trips. Thankfully, he knows my notaste. lol Another thing worth mentioning is that if I like the certain item, I will constantly wear it. :) Oh, did I mention that it should have some story behind it? :)

Here are my most favourite (and most worn) "beauty pieces":

Paua Shell bracelet. It was dirty cheap, but I love it anyway! Green-blue "rainbow" effect is gorgeous! Got it in Benidorm (Spain) in 2007. Memories! :)

Necklace (btw, it's really long!) from Accessorize. Bought a last one with 50% discount! Bargain! :)
I am especially in love with the tiny key, cupcake and pearl flowers! Seriously thinking to separate the tiny key from the rest... :/ :)

Snowflake (mother of pearl). It's quite big (around 4 cm in diameter). This is a perfect example of what I call "simply beautiful". Got it several years ago in... a grocery store!!! :)

Tiny silver Celtic Cross. I don't wear it nowadays, but it's very precious to me. 
This silver butterfly (with 2 dark blue semi-precious stones) is probably my oldest jewelry. If I remember correctly, I was around 10 years when my mom gave it to me as a birthday present. I still love it! And it has a special place in my heart. :)
PS I completely forgot the name of this semi-precious stone. Let me know if you happen to hear about it somewhere. :)

Lucky clover and horseshoe silver earrings. The ones on the left are from Accessorize. Bought this set with 50 % discount for around 5 EUR (how freaking cool is that?!) (there is actually one additional pair - tiny crystal hearts, but I've never worn those). The pair on the right is my "bargain treasure" from jewelry shop a couple of years ago. These are comparably huge (2 cm in diameter)! One of my absolute favourites!

Another silver "treasure" from Accessorize (they used to have some really pretty stuff for ridiculous prices!). Didn't I mention I have "a thing" for butterflies... and lucky clovers? :)

Hand painted tiny (2x2 cm) jewelry box. Design by Leena Kostiander. We bought several souvenirs (for our friends) from her range several years ago. And then one day my hubby gave me this cute little thing as a present. :) I store my golden jewelry there.

This is something I would not normally buy'n'wear, but my mom thought it would be perfect for me. Btw, my mom likes to buy stuff for me too (mainly, clothes and jewelry! unbelievable, isn't it? She knows my size and taste). And I buy her makeup. Barter! :) I must say I love this set! Reserved for special occasions. :) Silver with rose quartz, size - 1,5x1 cm.

What are your favourite jewelry pieces?


  1. I am in love with the jewelry box, it's absolutely gorgeous. I want one *_* Don't you dare take the key off that necklace! It is so perfect the way it is. I want that too lol

  2. The lucky clover earrings are so cool!!! And the snowflake is so cute! i like it very much =)

  3. Heather, I'm also in love with the plates from her line (I wouldn't eat from them though, I'd be too afraid to break them). Unfortunately, it seems that she doesn't produce these little boxes anymore (can't find it from her website and haven't seen it in the shops for awhile ). :( I'm trying hard not to take the key off, I'm really trying! :)

    Style crystal, thank you! :)

  4. I love the snowflake :).
    I nominated you for an award on my blog, go check it out!

  5. hey! those are some cute pieces! the little black dog is a mutt from the animal shelter. My vet thinks hes a mix of a chihuahua and a papillon. His face and body says Chihuahua but his legs are so long and he gets long hair around his neck and ears :P he's a weirdo


  6. Arie, thank you so much! I really appreciate it! :)

    Cathy, thank you for stopping by! He is super cute anyway!:) Black colour is so unusual for these breeds, isn't it? Maybe he has something from black spitz as well? Oh my, I'd really wish to have a friend like Eugene! :)

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