Monday, March 22, 2010

Eyelashes. HG mascara?

Do you remember my question "To curl, or not to curl?" I asked you in February? So, I finally "gave up" a month ago. I brought home these 3 products:

Eyelash curler from Cailap (with two refill pads). It looks like Shu Uemura curler, doesn't it?
It definitely makes a difference. My eyelashes don't look flat anymore. The only negative thing (or I'd better say - concern) is that it somehow curls the base in a "sharp-angled" shape, not in a "naturally round" shape. Do you get my point? Is it normal like that? :/ This weirdness is not visible when mascara is on though.

Special THANK YOU (for helping me to decide) goes to PowerLifterChick, Thess, Sagu and Bebo! :)

L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum
I've been testing this "miracle product" for one month only, so can't say anything about its power yet. Strangely enough it was sold out almost everywhere (except for the grocery shop, where I was lucky to find it) in the Helsinki city center and in large shops around the metropolitan area. The only thing I can say so far, that, thankfully, it doesn't irritate my eyes. I'll keep you updated on the progress (if I'll see any). :)

Lumene True Natural Volume Mascara  with conditioning Arctic cornflower
"90% natural ingredients" coupling with "voluminising" effect  sounded like a perfect promise. Plus it was comparably cheap (around 9 EUR), it is made in Finland, and, the most important thing, it was sealed (only with a duct tape-like label though)! On a side note - it indeed is a serious problem here in Finland. Why do those sellers (Rimmel, Maybelline, Max Factor, I'm speaking to you in particular!) sell us unsealed (aka open) mascaras? :/ Nea, I'm totally with you on this issue. :)

I really wanted to like this mascara, but here comes the huge BUT. It worked fine for about one week only. Afterward it became just an ordinary "almost 3 months old" mascara. I mean, it becomes drier and flakier each time. And, I know how to keep mascaras safe and fresh! Where are my promised 6 (I'd be fine with 3) months  after opening?! Weird, huh? :/

One more thing, I noticed a comparably high loss of eyelashes over this month. Can't say the exact number, but earlier I didn't even pay attention to it as I saw one "dead" eyelash per month at most, now I see several per week. :/ Have no idea what might be the problem. Or, it might be, that it's my imagination only? I hope it is. :)

Now I'm on a quest to find a new mascara! Again! REQUIREMENTS: it should volumise, lengthen, look natural (no flakes, no clumps) and stay fresh for around 3 months or more. Is it too much to ask for? :) Help is much appreciated! :) What's your HG mascara?

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?


  1. If you get sharp angles, you may be pressing too hard or for too long. I curl my lashes from roots to tips but I press quite gently and move on quite quickly. Of course I have to repeat it a few times but it gives a more natural looking curl.

  2. I need to buy new mascara, all mine are so old and gross now. My favorite is Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme lash plumper. Too bad Max Factor is now dicontinued in the US :( I also love Lancome Hypnose, although expensive (mine is a free sample tube, lol). I've been using Rimmel Sexy Curves a lot too, it makes my lashes really really long, and it's not clumpy at all.

  3. Saila, I press very gently too, for a couple of seconds only. I'm very careful with this "torture-looking device". lol Which curler do you use?

    Heather, I wanted to try one of (almost) exactly these two mascaras you've mentioned (Rimmel Sexy Curves and Max Factor 2000 calorie original)! :) But because they were not sealed, I just had to choose something else. :/

  4. I'm using Shu Uemura curler. It's the best I've found and I've tried a lot of different brands.

  5. Have you tried this one from Cailap? It is very comfortable to use (I don't have any previous experience though, so can't compare), just this "sharp angle" thing bothers me a little bit. Maybe, I have to invest into Shu Uemura one day? Too bad it's quite expensive and we can't get it in Finland. :/ I'll try to be even more gentle tomorrow, let's see if it'll get any better.

  6. I have tried it and I didn't like it. It was uncomfortable to use and it did make those sharp angles even if I pressed gently. Shu Uemura curlers aren't that expensive as they are quite durable but finding authentic ones even at eBay can be a struggle.

  7. Hi,

    I would recommend to you:
    - Cover Girl Lash Blast (great and cheap!)
    - lancome hypnose (great!)
    - dior show
    - fiberwig (cheap, without smudging, stays on the whole day and is soooo easy to remove with just warm water without rubbing the eyes)!

    You have a nice blog,
    come to visit mine and please follow me ;)
    I am your follower ;)


  8. Saila, then the problem could indeed be in that Cailap curler's structure! Have you tried the one with 2 years guarantee for 14 EUR made in Germany? Forgot the brand name. It's available from Sokos Emotion and Stockmann Beauty. Its shape looks just like of this one. The sales assistant told me it's the best available curler in the market (I guess she meant Sokos with its 3 curlers :) ).

    SummerBabe, thank you for your suggestions! I ordered Cover Girl from USA once. Didn't like it. The problem might be that the quality suffered due to the long flight from USA to Finland though. :) I was thinking of trying Hypnose and Dior Show, but they're too expensive here. Have to check that Fiberwig. I think I saw it somewhere recently. :)

  9. I'm not sure without the brand name :/ Cover Girl Lash Blast is the same as Max Factor False Lash Effect :)

  10. Saila, I have to check it again. I remember it was in a white box with black and blue fonts. Curler is available in gold and silver. Does it sound familiar? :) Yep, I know about Lash Blast and FLE from MF. But I don't want to give them a second chance. 6 USD vs 16 EUR for the same "not so good mascara"? No, thank you! lol What's your HG mascara? :)

  11. Ummmm... not sure :D I've been using Lumene Blueberry Curl (waterproof) which is funny because I usually don't like Lumene mascaras. But this works like a charm!

  12. Me too! I'm not a fan of their mascaras. I blame that "90 % natural" thingy that caught me this time! lol Maybe I should give Lumene's mascaras one more chance? Hmmm... :/ Have to "investigate" their offerings of "volume'n'length" mascaras, if they have any. :)

  13. The eyelash curler problem is most likely caused by the shape of the pads - if theyre flat, they're going to give you that sharp angle. Im pretty sure the Shu Uemura one has rounded pads, so it gives a rounded curl :)

  14. I had to invest from the beginning! Duh! Lesson is learnt, I guess. :)