Saturday, March 27, 2010

Share the love: Cat

I'm continuing my "tradition" of non-beauty related posts for the weekends.

This time I present you cats! Sounds a little bit banal, doesn't it? I don't think so though. :) I really enjoy reading stories and watching pictures of animals/pets. And I noticed that many of bloggers have pets. So why not to share one of my greatest loves, i.e. CATS! I can go on forever speaking about their beauty, grace, intelligence, personality, and... attitude! :) But I won't! You know it yourself, right? :)

I had only fishes, hamsters and cats as pets. I was "babysitting" a dog several times though. My parents got a first cat when I was 2, naturally I don't remember much of that cat... I only remember how we got our second cat when I was almost 6 y.o. Ever since my heart belongs to cats. :)

Ok, enough writing. I'll do two parts post anyway, because I can't find pictures of my cats (who live with my family in my home country) on my laptop.

Did I mention that apart from my little passion to take pictures of wild flowers and nature, I also snap pictures of  animals (if I get a chance of course)? :)

Canterbury castle (UK)

 Windsor castle (UK)
Could he/she be Her Majesty's kitty? :)

Castell de Montjuic/Barcelona Fortress (Spain)
Alicante (Spain)
 This kitty was huge!

 He/she spent a little time with us. Cute and friendly cat! :)

A little teaser for you (before I find other pictures): my cat when he was just 2-3 months! :) Oh my, he was so tiny! Now he is huge and heavy! :)

Do you love cats? :)

Hope you enjoyed!

To be continued! Stay tuned!



  1. They look so damn cute ;)

    I love cats &dogs& all other animals ;)
    Have 2 dogs myself and I just couldnt live without them, they are my little sunshines ;)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. beautiful kitties!!! I love cats too, I have 3 kitty babies. :) t

  3. ahhhhh the last kitteh is ADORABLE!!! Little puff ball! :)

  4. SummerBabe, whoa! Two dogs! Lucky you! I want to have a dog, a cat, a gerbil... and the list goes on! :) Maybe one day!

    Nina, thank you! Oh my, I LOOOOVE kittens!!! :) Tell us more! :)

    KittenMittens, he is indeed adorable! :) I'll try to find and post more pictures of this guy. He's one of the most friendly cats I've ever met! :)