Monday, March 8, 2010

BUK nail polishes. International Women's Day.

I had this post waiting for me in the draft section since January. The time has come! Finally. :)

BUK was the first brand of nail polish I tried back to 1994! And it is still on the market! At least on the Lithuanian market. The only visible difference I noticed over all these years - bottle shape. It has changed only once as far as I remember. The first bottles used to be "rounded squares", the latest (since around 2000) are as pictured below. Since 2008 (?) BUK changed its logo. Check Nr 16 (old version) and the rest (new appearance). 

Nr 16 is the only nail polish I had ever repurchased! Two times! This is my third bottle, and as you can see it's a little bit neglected. Can you guess why? lol

I honestly have no idea what's the origin of this brand. It says "Made in EU. Coop Bergerac NC France". Strangely enough it doesn't have any website. I used to think it's a Lithuanian brand because of the name. BUK (Būk) means "Be" in Lithuanian, but now I don't know what to think.

What's still the same: 

The good:
  • HUGE range of colours and finishes (cremes, glitters, shimmers, glass flecks, etc). And it seems BUK constantly releases new collections (these collections are not specified though). I was very surprised to see holographic polishes back to 2008 when I wasn't yet that much into nail polishes.
  • Price. These polishes are freaking cheap! They retail for around 0,5 - 0,7 EUR for 9 ml. Can you beat that? :)
  • Pretty bottle, nice brush.
  • Decent application. Some require more than 2 coats, some are opaque in just 1.
The bad:
  • No list of ingredients. I guess these nail polishes are not Big 3 Free.
  • They have a pretty strong nail polish scent. I really hope it's not highly toxic and dangerous. But for less than 1 euro, who knows?! 
  • No names, just numbers! Why on Earth a brand with such a long history and such a huge variety of colours couldn't come up with names? Mystery! :)
So, here is my little collection of BUK. I bought 8 of these colours in summer 2009. Quite trendy colours for "no name" brand, what do you think?

From L to R: 112, 168, 169, 4C, 16
Natural light, flash

From L to R: 112, 168, 169, 4C, 16
Natural light

From L to R: 101, 189, 188, 191, 145
Natural light, flash

From L to R: 101, 189, 188, 191, 145
Natural light
Have you ever heard of this brand? The bottle shape looks like S-he nail polish from the first sight, but you can see the clear difference when you look closer. So, nope, it's not the same polish just under the different name.

PS I have NOTD pictures with some of these polishes. Will post some day. :)

Today is the International Women's Day. :)

A present from my friend. Thank you! :) I LOVE these flowers SO MUCH! :) *dreaming of an ocean of these flowers*


  1. I've never heard of this brand, but they do have some interesting colours! Me likey!

  2. They certainly do. They carry colours for anyone's taste.:) BUK has huge nail polish racks/stands with a great variety of different shades. I picked up just the neutral "safe" shades this time, I wish I bought those holographic polishes though. I used to have really crazy BUK colours (like acid green, orange, yellow) in late 90's. :) Would be really nice to know more about this brand, and, most importantly, the ingredients.

  3. I just googled for this brand as I got two bottles as a gift and I want to compliment this post you did about Búk! It's interesting, you get to know all you need to know about it and you added bottle pictures too, this is great, really. I love reading about local brands!