Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beautiful Girl Minerals (BMG) haul. Swatches.

Have you already heard of me getting rid of all (well, not all actually, my HG from Dior and Avon stay with me until the end, or until I find their perfect dupes! :) )  my lip products that contain mineral oil and other nasty stuff? Be prepared for my massive (in my opinion, obviously) attempts to find perfect'n'healthy lip products. :) On a side note, I'm SOO behind writing about my hauls, gotta hurry up before I got lost in all those packages... and pictures... lol

I didn't want to order a lot as I don't like to waste products (I mean, who wants to have a bunch of spoiled lip stuff? lol) and, most importantly, because BMG's pictures and colour descriptions (if any) were not that good.

I ordered 2 All natural lip glosses (small wand 3,5 ml, the same tube as of Fyrinnae's lip lustres, 3 USD) in Cosmo (it's called Cosmo Kiss on the website) and Tainted, and 1 (1/8 tsp, 0,5 USD) Multi purpose powder sample in Impatient.

I got 2 free Multi purpose powder samples in Irresistible and Innocent.

Natural light, contrast added

Natural light, flash

Note: Impatient is a little bit greener irl, it's a shimmery bright chartreuse described as "a stunning yellow/green shade!" on the website.

Shipping was 3 USD for International. Quite reasonable, isn't it?

Ordered on 1.3 (Monday), order was shipped on 7.3, received on 18.3 (Thursday). I guess it's ok.

My initial thoughts:

I've already swatched all the products - the pigmentation is as usual for mineral eyeshadows - decent. Although keep in mind that I haven't tested these eyeshadows "in action" yet. The only product that got my full attention is Cosmo lip gloss.

Now here comes a "weird" story of me trying to figure out what shades to choose. The first thing that caught my eye was the inconsistency in description of lip glosses. Some have lip swatches, some have bottle pictures, some have a "swirl of colour", some have colour description, some not, some have it all wrong... :/

Let's take a look at 2 lip glosses I got. 

Cosmo is defined as a "gorgeous pink with gold". I would add that it's pink with a hint of blue (cool toned), but the fine golden shimmer makes it appear warmer. I was a little bit skeptical of wearing a cool toned lip gloss (I prefer warm tones), but, man, it is MEGA gorgeous!!! And, it's pigmented! Surprisingly, I like the mild scent (in fact the lip gloss is not scented, or flavoured, but my guess would be that it's castor seed oil's "fault"). :)

Here comes a sad story. Tainted is described as "gorgeous pink with shimmer". Now, don't be mad at me, but can you, please, tell me if I'm seeing things? lol It's plain shimmery brown/tan to my eyes. I can spot some tiny tiny shimmery pink bits on the picture with flash, but I honestly think it's just my camera's "wonderful" ability to see things; and then it still should be pink with shimmer, not something with pink shimmer, right? :) The "best" thing, BGM sent me 5 ml bottle (although it says 5,9 ml on their website) instead of the small size I ordered. I guess they ran out of small bottles, or put it by accident, or just wanted to please me as a first time customer, but all I felt is a frustration and shame. :/

On one hand, I probably have to inform them that I got a wrong size bottle and pay the difference (1,5 USD), on the other hand - I absolutely don't like this colour! It's not what I expected it to be (gorgeous pink? with shimmer? NO?!). And it doesn't suit me. At all! I tried to make it work by mixing it with some other shades, but it's too dark and intense to do something wearable for my taste. And the bottle is huge (I much more prefer those tiny bottles)! And I hate wasting (aka not using) products. I wish it'd be in a mini size, I wouldn't feel so bad. :/ 

The worst thing is that I tried it straight from the tube at first (when I didn't yet realise how different the shade is), meaning that I can't give it to anyone else, as it now "belongs to me". lol I know I might be weird sometimes. :)

Take a look:

 Natural light
Cosmo on the left, Tainted on the right

Natural light, flash
Cosmo on the left, Tainted on the right

Natural light
Cosmo (after about 4 hours of wear!)
Note: Have yet to figure out why my lip swatches look so washed out and "see through" even without a flash. :/ Swatch pictures look more colour accurate.

As for the Multi purpose powders... I really admire their universality as they're said to be suitable for eyes, lips and nails. But, why couldn't they arrange these colours (although they have not that many) in some certain order (by colour, or by name at least?). It would be so much easier to find (and compare!) shades you like. But no! You'd better play "spot your favourite", or "what catches your eye?". lol

I laughed so hard when I got  my order. Let me explain. I ordered a green shade, right? That is Impatient. When I opened my order, I thought why on Earth is word "impatient" doing here, did they mean I'm impatient? lol Then I realised it was my choice. I was so much into colour, I didn't even pay attention to its name. :) Remember me speaking about "buying products because of their names" thingy? And they "called" me Innocent and Irresistible! lol To be honest, I don't like these (I mean freebies) shades simply because I wouldn't wear them as I already know that some certain colours just don't look good on me. Maybe I have to mix Innocent with that Tainted lip gloss? Hmmm...

Overall, I will buy other (as Cosmo became one of my favourites!) lip glosses from BMG again, when (and if) they will improve their colour descriptions. :)

I saw Phyrra mentioned that BMG offers 20% discount till the end of March. Be careful with those descriptions before ordering.

Have you tried BMG? What are your thoughts? Any favourites?

PS BMG doesn't repackage!


  1. You're not seeing things, tainted IS brown! Where's the pink? Where? Cosmo, on the other hand, is simply gorgeous. And pretty long-lasting too, it seems :)

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Yay! :) I just showed it to my hubby, and he asked me how did I managed to choose this "dark brown" shade. Had to explain him the whole confusion thingy. lol

    Yes, Cosmo is really gorgeous! I'm so glad I went for it! :) And it indeed is long-lasting! Then again it depends on how you "behave" while drinking and eating... and speaking. lol

  3. Ugh I hate it when companies cant be bothered to have accurate descriptions or swatches on their website - it can't be THAT hard to do it.

    I would contact BGM about Tainted and ask for a refund or something if I were you :( they can't hope to have satisfied customers if they have misleading product descriptions

  4. I'll write them about their apparent error (could it be they just accidentally wrote pink instead of tan/brown?).

    I wouldn't ask for a refund though. It's not about money (I can bear with my 3 USD loss :) ) for me, it's about wasting (or not using) a product. You know what I mean, do you? :)

    And I feel it also is my fault that I tried it straight away from the tube. I had to double check under the normal light (not in the bathroom with it's yellowish energy saving lamps) if the colour was what I wanted. Impatient, that is the word! lol

    But then again my friends use pink'n'natural shades. So, I am responsible for using it up. :/ Have to come up with some sort of colour combo.

    Let it be a lesson for us all! :)

    PS Oh my, I really feel bad as I believe BMG had a good intention, but it's just my "weird" taste.

    PPS I got an idea that I could send them the lip gloss for "recycling". So much drama over one lip gloss, uhhh! lol

  5. I like the review, and the colors look very pretty. I like the shipping price ;)

  6. Arie, thank you! The shipping price is one of the best around (for International buyers at least)! :) And products are of a great quality. I just don't like how these (I mean Tainted lip gloss and those two freebies) colours look on me. :/

  7. I've tried BGM shadows and I didn't like them... they were all pretty boring and some didn't match their pictures/descriptions. Two colors were identical. Not somewhere I'd want to shop from again.

  8. Heather, I agree! BMG has some serious problem with pictures&descriptions of shades. And not much choice! That's why I ended up getting only one green. :)