Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Silk Naturals Haul. Swatches.

So my quest to find perfect'n'healthy lip products continues! :)

I've heard so many good things about Silk Naturals, so I finally decided to give it a go one day. :)

Here is what I got:

 Sunshine, flash (yep, you've heard that right! It wasn't a good idea to take pictures under such a bright sunlight! But flash saved the day! Who would have guessed? lol)

I ordered 3 solid lip glosses (4,5 USD each) in Berry Crush, Foreplay, Precious, and 1 liquid lip gloss (4,95 USD) in Summer Fling. I got 2 free eyeshadows: full size in IDK (I guess there was a campaign) and a sample baggy in Twilight (oh my, it follows me everywhere?! lol).

Shipping was 4,2 USD for International. Quite reasonable, isn't it? There is also a discount for first time buyers. Check the website for more info.

Ordered on 25.2 (Friday), order was shipped on 3.3, received on 11.3 (Friday). I guess it's ok.

My initial thoughts:

I've already swatched all the products. I love my new lippies! Wearable shades, smooth application, pretty long lasting, nice smell (kind of toffee with spice?)! And they feel like lip balms on my lips! :) Surprisingly (as I didn't expect to get any eyeshadows) I really love these shades, and the pigmentation is as usual for mineral eyeshadows - decent. I am very pleased with my order!

One thing I want to mention is the size! Solid lip glosses come in sleek tubes, liquid - in tubes that appear (read further for more info) to be smaller than that of Fyrinnae. Baggie sample is considerably smaller than that of Aromaleigh's for instance. That being said, I'm in love! You had to see my face when I saw these tiny beauties! :) The tube of Summer Fling is such a cutie! Aww! :)

Sunshine, flash

Sunshine, flash
Fyrinnae Lickable on the left, Silk Naturals Summer Fling on the right

As you can see from these 2 pictures, Summer Fling although appearing to be smaller due to the "optical illusion" contains more product than Lickable. I can't say the exact amount though. My guess would be 4-5 ml. I'm not sure if I saw the info on the website. :/

I was a bit skeptical when I first saw Summer Fling in person. It looked so dark in the tube, but when I tried it on I instantly fell in love with it. It's such a gorgeous wearable shade! Take a look:

Natural light, flash

Here are the swatches of all 4 plus a little extra:

 Natural light
 From L to R: Everyday Minerals lipstick in Icing the Cake, Summer Fling, Berry Crush, Foreplay, Precious

Natural light, flash
From L to R: Everyday Minerals lipstick in Icing the Cake, Summer Fling, Berry Crush, Foreplay, Precious

I organised Silk Natural products from the sheerest to the most opaque from R to L. These are all buildable though.

Description from the website:
Precious- light pink with gold pearl- Hunny Bunny Clone
Foreplay- shimmery golden pink Climax gloss
Berry Crush- Golden Berry Gloss- MAC Viva Glam V Clone 
Summer Fling- Warmish Rosey Pink

Why did I include the EDM Icing The Cake (btw, I got it for free with my last order) I hear you asking? Just because I wanted to show you how it compares to Summer Fling (in shade) and Berry Crush (in consistency). I really love the shade of Icing The Cake, but the lipstick itself (especially its smell) is awful! If you've ever tried lippies from EDM I bet you can understand me. :)

Have you tried Silk Naturals? What are your thoughts? Any favourites?

PS Silk Naturals doesn't repackage!


  1. Nice! I just got my package from them yesterday and thought the little eyeshadow sample bag was so adorable! Of course my boyfriend had to say it looked like a coke bag lol. I'll probably swatch my f/s shadows and the lippie but skip the blush samples I got, they came in jars and when I open them I loose a bunch of the powder in the lid so it's messy :(

  2. :) My hubby was quite pleased with the size of lippies. Now he can't say I have too much makeup! lol

  3. I have Precious, too! It's great :) My favorite Silk Naturals lippies are probably Raindrops on Roses, Fig Leaf and Gleaming.

    And I agree with you on the EDM lippy thing :/ The shades are gorgeous, but the smell is awful and the lipsticks feel a bit dry, so not my piece of cake.

  4. Sagu, I "have" to make a new wishlist! I "need" more liquid glosses! :) I wonder what's the problem with EDM lippies. The ingredients seem just fine, colour is very pretty, but why is it like chalk? Weird! :/ Btw, the tube is kind of ugly too, no?

  5. I think the tube is ok, nothing special though. Why can't they put a subtle, pleasant scent to the lippies, I'm sure they could do that!

  6. That just convinced me that I NEED Summer Fling (maybe later... currently on a "no-buy" mode). I have Berry Crush too, and it's one of my favorites. Such a lovely color. :) Foreplay and Precious are both on my wishlist. How do you like them?

    Oh, and you're right about EDM lippies. The colors are really nice but the smell is not so pleasant (mine smells like crayons).

  7. Oh my gosh, those lippies are GORGEOUS. I'd like quite a few things from Silk Naturals, so I'm waiting a while before I place a big order. Now I know I have got to try some of these!

  8. I looooove Silk Naturals :) they make the prettiest neutral shadows, and their lip products are so moisturising. I have Berry Crush and it's gorgeous, though I havent tried their liquid lipglosses yet

  9. Sagu, definitely! It's not too much to ask for! :) I tried to pair mine with Fyrinnae gloss, it works ok, I can barely detect any "odour".lol But the colour changes! :/

    Jennifae, Summer Fling kind of reminds me of Berry Crush (which I love!!!). The shade looks very similar, but Summer Fling (btw, it has very fine purple shimmer, but still looks more of a warm tone) is more intense and glossier. I'm not sure if you'll like the scent (stevia, anyone?) though, it's not that sweet as of Slickers, but quite pleasant for my taste. And it goes away pretty quickly. Overall, Must Have!

    As for Foreplay and Precious. They look quite similar to each other irl, although Precious is more pink with gold, and Foreplay is more peach-golden with pink. And they're quite sheer, meaning that they just enhance and "infuse" your natural lip colour with some very fine "sparkles", if it makes any sense. :) But I like them both! I'd say one would be enough though. I'd choose Foreplay because it looks a tad more opaque on the lips. But if you already have lots of sheer colours, maybe it would be worth to wait a little bit.

    Can't believe I got 4 new favourites in a matter of one month, when I previously spend a couple of years on trying to find perfect shades! :)

    EDM... Exactly, crayon! lol I couldn't remember the word, that's why I called it "chalk" first. :)

    Heather, go for it! Any lemmings so far? :)

    SilhouetteScreams, if you like Berry Crush you might like liquid Summer Fling. ;) I love how light yet moisturising they feel. And that toffee (is it toffee by the way?) scent... yummy! :)

  10. Nice haul! The Twilight shade looks cute!

  11. Anastacia, thank you! The baggie is cute, and the shade itself is gorgeous! :) Dusty purple. My picture just doesn't do it any justice.

  12. I have precious and berry crush too... I love SN solid lip glosses/lipsticks... glad you like it too.

  13. Frond, thank you for stopping by! :) I'm very tempted to order more (I'm really loving the scent of these lately!), but I already have too much lip products (for my taste). :) Can't wait for the release of new lippies! Yay!

    Check here: http://silknaturals.vox.com/library/post/spring-is-here-1.html?_c=feed-atom

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