Saturday, March 6, 2010

Share the love: Green

I'm continuing my "tradition" of non-beauty related posts for the weekends.

This time I present you green. I especially love warm green! Green grass, green leaves, bright sun and blue sky - what could be better? :)

Green beauty!

Can you see a green guy? :) I was really surprised to meet this little guy in London!

Green on green. :) A little guy from Barcelona. :)

Simply beautiful! :)

Hope you enjoyed! :)

To be continued! Stay tuned! :)



  1. I adore green :) Cant wait for the winter to end.

  2. i fell in love with that first image - tried to save it and make it my screen saver/wall paper but no dice, did you take the photo?, can you email me the .jpg? what kind of trees are those? there are birds in the trees

    peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com

  3. Siilike, me too! :) Summer is the best! :)

    Peripatetic33, thank you! I love it too. :) The VAST majority of pictures on my blog are taken by me. These pics are not exception. :) I'll email you the image tomorrow.

    There are two kinds of trees on the picture (btw, it was taken in London). My guess would be Alder and Acacia. But, I'm not sure. Gotta ask my hubby. :)