Tuesday, February 2, 2010

QOTD: To curl, or not to curl?

To curl, or not to curl eyelashes - that is the question of the day (QOTD). :)

Recently I noticed that mascaras just don't work for me (Maybelline Colossal and Barry M 3 in 1 mascara, I'm talking to you! :/ ) , i.e. they don't volumize or lengthen enough and, most importantly, they tend to uncurl my lashes! Yep, you've heard that right! :)

To make a long story short - I've never used an eyelash curler and have never experienced "flat lashes effect" until 2009, when I began to test different mascaras in order to replace my HG Maybelline Lash stylist which is being discontinued for quite a while. Btw, I managed to get my last Lash stylist from Fragrancedirect several weeks ago, but it's almost empty. Hence, I have to do something ASAP!

What could be the problem? Am I getting older, or is eyelash curler a useful tool after all? Or maybe those mascaras indeed don't work? What do you think? Should I invest into an eyelash curler? Which one do you recommend? I've heard of Shu Uemura, but have no idea where can I purchase their stuff. What about drugstore brands? And finally, the most important question - are those "torture devices" that scary as they look? lol

Enlighten me, please! And tell me your story! :)


  1. Hey girl!
    I have always had to use a curler, cause my lashes, like my hair, are stick straight! I actually hold my curler against the light bulb in the lamp beside me in the morning to warm it up, to help the curl last longer, like a curling iron would for your hair. I have definitely noticed that water proof mascara holds the curl MUCH better than regular mascara, so consider using that!
    I just use a cheapo curler from walmart, cant remember the brand at the moment, sorry, and found it works better than the Revlon one alot of people like! I also prefer the black curler pads, they are not as spongy as the white ones. Also, 1 more thing...clamp down and curl once in the middle of your lashes, then, once almost at the ends, then move back down to the roots and curl and hold for the count of 10. I get the best curl this way!

    sorry, i wrote a novel here for ya! Good luck!

  2. To Curl!
    Been doing it for over 25 years. =O
    And I hear ya about mascara that make your lashes droop again.
    But I found a good one, only I live in Europe...don't know if you can get it where you live...

  3. Eyelash curlers are really useful! Eye makeup looks really different when lashes are curled. Curled lashes also make eyes look bigger. :) Shu Uemura is a really popular brand here (I got their curler recently), but any curler you find will do. I used to use a cheap curler I bought for 5 e or something at Kicks and it worked well.

  4. Thank you, girls! You're so helpful! *hugs*

    PowerLifterChick, whoa, great instructions!!!:) Sounds a little bit complicated and scary, but I'll try once I get that "device". :)

    Thess, which one do you have? Btw, I live in Finland. :)

    Sagu, where did you get Shu Uemura? I guess it's expensive, isn't it? But is it worth it? I'm afraid a cheaper version might not work for me. :/ Duh... that's difficult! It's a completely new world for me! lol

  5. HeavenNRJ, I bought mine on ebay. They can also be bought at http://kissandmakeupny.com, retails at $19 so it doesn't cost a fortune. I was actually a bit surprised when I first saw the price, I had expected them to be REALLY expensive, like 50 euro or something :D

  6. I always use eyelash curlers! I have heard good things about shu uemera and shiseido, but they're expensive (I think you can get them from sephora's website). But e.l.f.'s gets really good reviews and is really cheap!

    I've used revlon's (it's meh) and have been using a clinique one for years. It works fine for me. :)

  7. Ok, girls, you won! Lash curler is the first item on my wishlist now! :) Thank you once again!