Friday, November 27, 2009

LUSH skin care. Part 2

These are the products I used on a daily basis some time ago (meaning I don't use these products at the moment). They're organised in "step-by-step" order. I compared the prices for the UK and Finnish markets (quite a big difference, don't you think?). I won't "copy-paste" the full descriptions and the list of ingredients. You can easily find those on LUSH website if you want. I will present my personal thoughts only in the "claims, pros/cons and PS aka general stuff" manner. :)

My skin type: combination, acne-prone skin. The situation changes all the time (sometimes I have almost clear skin, sometimes I'm "a teen again" lol).

Note: I won't mention all those "natural" ingredients in "pros" section, and "not so friendly" in "cons" section.

1. Cleansers

Baby Face make-up remover (3,95 GBP vs 6,95 EUR for 35 g) (evening)

Claims: softens and cleans your skin, removes dirt and puts back moisture.

Pros: nice fresh-sweet scent, does remove make-up (to my surprise lol), skin feels softer (there is BUT in the cons below!).
Cons: melts too fast (be quick!) = waste of product, without a packaging (find a way to store it!), leaves an oily residue (easily fixed with the following step though).

PS Too much of a hassle...

Aqua Marina cleanser (5,42 GBP vs 9,95 EUR for 100 g) (morning)

Claims: deeply cleanses (and tightens!), calms, soothes irritated skin, makes your skin smoother, softer and firmer, helps to get rid of skin's toxins.

Pros: skin feels softer, non-offensive scent, nice colour (hmmm, can't think of anything else...), a little goes a long way (should it be in the cons section? lol)
Cons: who needs that "deco" seaweed in a cleanser anyway? = messy (peel it off and throw away! lol), leaves a powdery-peeling residue (when I used toner or cream afterward, I saw tiny pink peels), comes in a transparent plain jar (boring? :) ).

PS Even more hassle! lol

Fresh Farmacy (4,04 GBP vs 7,5 EUR for 100 g) (evening)

Claims: calms, soothes, cleanses, deals with spots and other skin troubles (!).

Pros: skin seemed just a tiny bit clearer, non-offensive scent, a little goes a LOOONG way (this could be in the cons! lol)
Cons: tightens too much (use once a day max!), without a packaging (find a way to store it!).

PS Too strong (= harsh), but not that strong to fight spots.

2. Toner

Breath of Fresh Air Skin Toner/Refresher (6,21 GBP vs 11,75 EUR for 250 g) (morning, evening)

Claims: Softenes, calms, soothes, revitalises/refreshes/rehydrates/remineralises (so many "re" :) ). "Makes your skin feel extra fresh and healthy. Tones without tightness".

Pros: nice packaging (there is a BUT in the cons section).
Cons: non-transparent bottle (can't see what's left, you can only hear or guess :) ), weird smell (sea mud+lemon? ironically "not fresh air" lol).

PS Can't comment on any of those "claims", because I used cream straight away, and have never used this toner as a skin refresher. Pretty average.

3. Cream

Imperialis (10,48 GBP vs 19,95 EUR for 45 g)

Claims: Balances the skin's sebum production, soothes irritations. "Balancing moisturiser to condition all skin types. Great for combination skin." "If you're not sure which moisturiser is for you, start here." (yep, it's about me! and it seems to be great for my skin type! lol)

Pros: nice jar, nice light consistency/texture (there is BUT in the cons section).
Cons: weird smell (plastic+cheap floral scent+medicine smell?), leaves a weird residue despite its seemingly soft&light texture (it kind of sits on the surface of the skin, and... it seems oily in the beginning, but then becomes dry! magic! lol).

PS Just WEIRD! lol

4. Masks

Mask of Magnaminty (4,09 GBP vs 7,65 EUR for 125 g) (once a week)

Claims: deeply cleanses/exfoliates, suckes the dirt out of your pores, refreshes and stimulates your skin senses.

Pros: nice smell (although it doesn't smell minty to me! it smells like a baked potato! lol), nice texture, nice jar, nice cooling sensation afterward.
Cons: quite difficult to remove (be quick, otherwise it tingles!).

PS It's average, nothing too exciting for my sometimes problematic skin.

Ocean Salt (5,96 GBP vs 12,95 EUR for 120 g) (once a week)

Claims: cleanses, refreshes, calms, nurtures, moisturises, softens the skin. "Use it on oily skin every day and use it to refresh and remineralise dry skin once a week."

Pros: fresh citrucy smell (where is my beloved coconut by the way? lol), skin feels soft and moisturised afterward, easy to remove, nice jar, nice texture (apart from the salt!).
Cons: tingles a little bit, salt is too harsh (be careful!).

PS Every day for my T-zone (oily)? No, thanks! lol This mask is pretty good... but I wouldn't buy it again though (haven't decided why yet :) ).

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