Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Barry M Nail Paint in Nr. 295 Turquoise

Note: ring and pinkie fingers appear to have a yellow tint because of the top coats. See the explanation below.

10 ml, exp. date: no info, made in England.

Claims: quick-drying, best applied with base and top coats (in order to avoid nail polish stains).

Seems to be 3 Big free from what I can see from their website (check product ingredients).

Colour: turquoise blue. Reminds me of the blue Scotch tape. lol

Finish: creme.

Application: very smooth application , 2 coats is enough for a full coverage. It dries pretty fast without a top coat, I'd say for less than 2 hours. I tried it with fast drying top coats (Sally Hansen Mega Shine extended wear top coat on my ring finger and Mavala minute quick-finish on my pinkie) and they really made a difference, ugly difference, as they gave a yellow tint which turned blue into green. I'm not sure you can tell from my picture but there is a difference. Hence I prefer it without any top coat.:)

Retail price: 2,95 GBP.

Pros: bright colour, good coverage, easy application, nice brush, pretty bottle, long lasting, big 3 free (not sure though), CHEAP!
Cons: can't wear this with a top coat (yellow tint thing, although it's top coat's fault!), not very quick-drying, strong smell, no ingredients on the bottle (you must visit a website to find those).

PS Even though it's not super fast drying and this shade doesn't work well with top coats it definetely is worth the wait!:)

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