Saturday, January 30, 2010

Share the love: Sunset&Dusk

I'm continuing my "tradition" of non-beauty related posts for the weekends.

This time I present you one of my favourite things to watch (after the blue sky!) - sunset/dusk! :) I enjoy watching the mysterious play of different colours. Isn't it gorgeous? It amuses me how different it might look depending on the weather and time of the year! :)

Autumn, Finland
Summer (when the nights are almost "white"), Finland
 Autumn, Cyprus

Hope you enjoyed! :)

To be continued! Stay tuned! :)


Friday, January 29, 2010

Pure Minerals Source Haul and swatches (plus comparison with Aromaleigh)

Even more mineral eyeshadows... and even more greens! :)

Natural "light", flash, contrast added
Natural "light", flash
Natural "light"
Natural "light"
Top row: over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Middle row: UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion)
Bottom row: on its own
Natural "light"
Top row: over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Middle row: UDPP
Bottom row: on its own
Natural "light", flash
Top row: over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Middle row: UDPP
Bottom row: on its own

Update/Note: Pixie Epoxy indeed makes the colour more vibrant and intense. It's magical! :)

Shipping for 10 samples (7 USD for 10 samples, 4 USD for 5 g jar) was 3 USD for International (1 USD for US). Quite reasonable, isn't it?

Ordered on 28.12 (Monday), seller contacted me on 5.1 (Tuesday, a week later), received my order on 25.1 (this Monday).

The seller/formulator contacted me on 5.1 regarding supposedly my mistake in ordering (it turned out I "didn't" specify the colours I want). I replied right away stating I did everything right (copy pasted  my list of eyeshadows from the receipt). I got a sweet note (on 25.1) that it was some sort of confusion and it was some other buyer who had problems. I am glad everything turned out fine. :) Btw, I blame cold weather for slow shipping! :)

My initial thoughts:

I've already tried Divinity and Dragonfly (btw, they're my faves from the bunch! Surprised? lol) the other day, and also have already swatched all the products, as you can see from my pictures. :)

The first thing I noticed was the obvious difference in shades from what I see in PMS (what a name abbreviation! lol) Etsy shop (they have pictures only, no colour descriptions). Lets take a look at their Mojito, Magi and Dr. Cara's Rx. To my eyes Mojito appears much golden IRL than olive green gold, Magi is sparkly light orange and very close to Havana Heat - it doesn't look shimmery beige, Dr. Cara's Rx is a total mystery! Light shimmery brown? Nope! It's somewhere in between dark shimmery mauve and violet. Weird, right? I guess it's some kind of colour changing shade... And I wish Gun Smoke to be more of a matte black rather than dark gray...:/

The other negative thing is the fact that these eyeshadows don't blend very well. When I try to blend them they just fade/disappear! Haven't experienced this weirdness before. I have yet to investigate this problem. Pigmentation is pretty decent (before I tried to blend!). Overall, I'm ok with this order (cheap nice shades), but not totally impressed (troubles with blending, shade difference, shipping time)...:/

Have you tried Pure Minerals Source? What are your thoughts?

PS Pure Minerals Source don't repackage. "Chemical free, no animal testing, vegan."

Pure Minerals Source and Aromaleigh greens comparison

When I first saw Divinity and Dragonfly I immediately thought of Aromaleigh Aloe and Loden (which are two of my 4 favourite shades from this brand). I decided to swatch all my favourite colours together just for fun (note: I added Glow just in order to show that it's not that similar to Divinity as it looks, it's more yellow).

 Natural "light"
Top row: over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Middle row: UDPP
Bottom row: on its own

These two indeed look quite similar to Aloe and Loden, Dragonfly and Aloe appear to be lighter, and Divinity is slightly more yellow in tone. It looks to me as if the combination of Aloe and Loden resulted in Dragonfly, Glow + Dragonfly = Divinity, Drama Queen Topaz + Amarante = Loden. Oh my! I guess I just like similar colour tones. :)

PS Strange thing - if you compare PMS greens picture with the last "comparison picture", you can notice that these 2 pairs look very similar (both pictures were taken under the "natural light"). Weird, isn't it? Oh well, I guess the problem is in my camera and lighting. Bear in mind that it's my first attempt to make (what I call) decent swatches. :) IMO they turned to be quite colour accurate.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hi-Fi Haul

More mineral eyeshadows... and more greens!:)

Natural "light", contrast added

Natural "light", flash
Boom Shaka Laka and Deck The Halls - both freebies! Greens! Wow!:)

Natural "light"

Natural "light", flash
Natural "light", flash
These two were freebies (oh my! Hot Rod looks a little bit too bright for me)!:)
"Let it not snow!" lol Pengi is cute though!

Shipping for 10 samples (8,99 USD for 10 samples, 4,99 USD for 5 g jar) was 1,5 USD worldwide. The best part - I got 4 free samples! How cool is that? :)

Ordered on 28.12 (Monday), received my order on week 3 (our vacation time). 2,5 weeks - not bad.

My initial thoughts:

I've already tried The Sultan (gorgeous!!!), The Cyanide You Drank (what a name! lol) and Wicked the other day, and also have already swatched all the products (gotta take pictures some other day). The pigmentation is wonderful! And they blend really well. Can't comment on the "longevity", because I wore it for a couple of hours only.

Greens are all fantastic and vibrant! I'm so glad they gave me Boom Shaka Laka for free. This one, Cyanide You Drank and The Sultan (perfect for highlighting the inner corner!) are my absolutely faves from the bunch. :) All the colours are gorgeous though! :) Shimmery, pigmented, rich and vibrant! Did I mention that the baggies are huge? AND! They sent a pocket calendar! :)

Have you tried Hi-Fi? What are your thoughts?

PS Hi-Fi don't repackage.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I am currently using... Vol. 2

I am back to blogging! Yay! So many things to say and so little time... as usual! :) I will try to catch up! :)

This topic was one of my first posts back to February 2009. Almost a year has passed, and not much has changed. Only the quantities though... lol

Shampoo: LUSH Godiva solid shampoo. Makes my hair super soft and silky.

Conditioner: From time to time (read: when I am not lazy :) ) - LUSH American Cream hair conditioner. "Smells of honey, vanilla, strawberries and oranges." I wish! It smells disgusting! Can't even explain all this weirdness! It's nauseatingly sweet... if it makes sense. :/

Styling products: Currently I don’t use any, but I have few products “just in case”. :) I just wash my hair and let it "air dry", that's all I do. :)

Hair mask: none. My poor hair! Am I a bad "owner"? lol


Shower gel: Rexona Activshower 2 in 1 “Freshness & care”. "LOVE! My 20+ something bottle!:)" I said in February (!!!). Can you imagine how many bottles I used ever since? :)

Body moisturiser: Natusan (Johnson&Johsnon in some other countries) Baby Oil with Aloe Vera. A little goes a LOOONG way! It's almost gone... after one year of almost daily use! I use it mainly for my legs though.

Deodorant: I have 4 at the moment, but use only Nivea Double Effect Violet Senses on a daily basis. Btw, other 3 from LUSH (reviewed those a while back).

Fake tan: I have two, but use them occasionally - Garnier Ambre Solaire “No trace Bronzer” and St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse (pretty messy application ! It's better to apply it wearing gloves, or be EXTREMELY quick, otherwise you'll end up with brownish hands!)

Hand cream: Recently ran out of L'Occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream (too sweet and not very moisturising), now using Avene Cold Cream hypoallergenic hand cream "Care and protection of dry, chapped and irritated hands"... hmmm... what can I say? My hands condition is really bad during winter (when we were on vacation the whole situation improved 100 times!), but even this thick/rich cream can't help me. My hands skin is still dry/tight. :/ Gotta try hand masks!

Makeup remover: Boots Eye makeup remover (almost gone! have to find an alternative, because we don't have Boots in Finland), L’Oreal Demaq’ expert Foaming gel cream intensive make-up remover (don't like it much, because it "tingles" my skin sometimes! Cashmere milk was SO MUCH better!)

Cleanser: Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Soap & Fragrance Free cleanser (the range promises to clear skin in 3 weeks... still hoping it will work. :) )

Cream: Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Oil Free moisturising cream-gel (it absorbs quickly leaving my face DRY! paradox!)

Eye cream: Eucerin Q10 Active Fragrance-free Anti-wrinkle cream.

Lip balm: Palmer's Moisturizing Lip Balm in the morning (creamy texture), The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter is my "good night balm". It smells differently from Coconut Body Butter (which smell I adore)! It smells more of a sweet milky porridge. Reminds me of LUSH Porridge soap but not coconut! It's very soft'n'light on the lips, but not very moisturising. I'd recommend Carmex if you have dry lips.

Exfoliator: Sometimes I use St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub. I think I got a spoiled one (it's mini/travel size). It doesn't smell fresh and sweet, and doesn't do anything to my skin. :/

Mask: I was constantly buying LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh mask, but it didn't work for me in a long run, so I stopped using it. I still have a bunch of Soap & Glory Fab Pore Mask left, but again - it doesn't work for me either (messy removal, weird residue afterward). I'm *on a quest* again!


Primer: Gave GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer to my friend. Smooth application but isn’t long-lasting... at all! And it cost 16 EUR! Have just run out of Fyrinnae Powder Primer (sample). It worked wonders! Very smooth application and long-lasting! The only negative thing - it's extremely finely melted powder and it's very easy to inhale some "leftovers".:/ Thinking of ordering it in full size (worked better than Sassy Minerals IMO)! Still have to test Fyrinnae Velvet-gel Silica primer.

Foundation: Have a bunch of samples from Everyday Minerals, Sassy Minerals, Aromaleigh and a full-size Revlon ColorStay foundation (not my thing... dries too freaking fast before I can fix the whole thing). Still trying to find my ideal shade and formula. Currently it became even more complicated, because I returned from my vacation 1 or even 2 shades darker! Bummer! If earlier I was more of a Cool Light or Fair, now I'm somewhere in between Neutral and Cool Medium. Weird! :/

Finishing powder: Tried Everyday Minerals, Aromaleigh, Sassy Minerals... I guess this thing just doesn't work for me (it greases and ruins the whole thing!). I'd better choose just primer instead! :)

Foundation brush: Everyday Minerals Long Handled Kabuki brush. I definitely will order more brushes in the near future! :)

Concealer: I use Revlon ColorStay foundation instead.:)

Blusher: Avon Colour face pearls in pink for every day use and a bunch of other "mineral" companies when I feel "I can do it!" :) Fyrinnae Hypnotize is one of my favourites.

Bronzer: Don’t use… Currently I look like I have some bronzer on. lol

Highlighter: Don’t use…

Eyebrow products: Lumene eyebrow Eyebrow Graphics pencil in Grey Brown 2. My HG! Without it I'm almost albino. lol I also have GOSH long lasting eyebrow pencil in Greybrown. It's not bad, I quite like it, but Lumene's brush/comb and shade are slightly better.

Eyeshadow base: UDPP.

Eyeshadows: a BUNCH of mineral eyeshadows from mineral companies. My favourites so far (all greens!!! :) ): Aromaleigh Aloe, Loden, Amarante, Drama Queen Topaz; Fyrinnae We're All Mad Here, Dragonskin; Sassy Minerals Trust Me, Bad Attitude.

Eyeliner: Fyrinnae Tyr eyeshadow, Clinique Cream Shaper for eyes in Nr. 01 Black Diamond (super creamy and glossy formula! MUST HAVE!)

Eyelash curler: Don’t have… Thinking of buying one though, because some mascaras just don't work for me (make my eyelashes flat'n'straight)!

Eyelash base: Don’t have…

Mascara: Maybelline Lash Stylist - my HG! And Maybelline Colossal... Huge brush, strong tulip (!) scent and "zero volume" effect. :/

Lipstick: Avon Pro-To-Go Nude Peach - my all time favourite shade (hate the packaging)! Have a bunch of Avon bullet like testers and some random lipsticks. Another favourite combination of mine (result is a peachy pink shade) - NYX round lipstick in Nr. 550 Indian Pink (too orange, frosty and drying on its own) and Lip Gloss with Mega shine in Nr. 104 Sweet Heart (too pale for my liking, don't like the super sweet and strong cherry scent). Planning to make swatches of these two plus combo. :)

Natural "light", flash

Lipgloss: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in 347/Raffia orange. LOVE! Almost gone and it seems that it's being discontinued! How lucky I am?:/

Nail colour: This one has changed a lot since the last year. I answered it before my "renewed obsession", when I had just around 10 polishes.:) My favourite shades so far: China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, Essie Eternal Optimist, OPI Catherine The Grape, OPI Your Royal Shyness, OPI My Daddy's The King, Color Club Wild At Heart and Wet'n'Wild Rock Solid Nail Lacquer in Pink Sapphire.

What are you using right now? :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm on vacation till the end of the next week.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful following week! :) *hugs*

Credit for this picture goes to my lovely friends

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy 101 Tag and How I failed my first EOTD lol

Thank you, Heather from Eyeconic for tagging me! :)

  • Put the picture of the tag in your blog
  • List 10 things that make you happy, try and do one of them today and pass it on to ten people.
Here we go, in no particular order, I skipped my loved ones (hubby, family and friends) and makeup though, because these "things" are SO obvious :):
  1. Sun, blue sky, white clouds and warm weather!
  2. Animals, especially babies/cubs!
  3. Delicious food! Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Cypriot and Lithuanian cuisines are my faves! A box (or two) of Rafaello will do also. lol
  4. The moment I get a parcel! Don't you agree? :)
  5. Good movie with a happy end.
  6. Sleeping and dreaming.
  7. When I find something that works for me (whether it's a makeup product, or clothes, or anything else).
  8. Traveling! I try to get maximum experience when I'm abroad.
  9. Home, sweet home! The moment when the plane lands is magical! :)
  10. Sense of accomplishment I get when I accomplish something (whether it's just a book, or some kind of project, or even a makeup product!).
It is really difficult to track those bloggers who haven't done this tag yet! If you read this post and haven't done this tag yet, I tag YOU! Let me know in the comments, I'd like to read yours as well! :)

On to the FAIL! :) My first EOTD (aka Eye/s Of The Day) attempt. That was something really difficult! I admire you, if you are capable of making gorgeous EOTDs/FOTDs! You are my heroes!!! :) All the colours look so washed out (no wonder why though... crappy lighting and selfportrait feature! Couldn't use macro on my eye, because I was afraid of the flash! lol), I wanted to add a contrast but it just looked so unreal, that I gave up. :/ Anyway here it is, so called "neutral/barely there green look":

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Aromaleigh Aloe (Pure Eyes Frost) (lid)
  • Aromaleigh Loden (Pure Eyes Frost) (crease, lower lashline)
  • Maybelline Colossal mascara (it doesn't work for me, unfortunatelly! Colossal fail! lol)
  • Lumene eyebrow Eyebrow Graphics pencil in Grey Brown 2. My HG! Without it I'm almost albino. lol
All the colours (eyebrow included) are much more vibrant IRL! This picture is a demonstration of my fail only! lol Gotta try taking decent pictures again! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avon Haul

Normally I am not keen on Avon products. I think they're overpriced (lipstick for 10 EUR, foundation for 16 EUR? Body Wash for 5 EUR? No, thanx!) and not of the best quality. You can get a better product for a better price.

The only thing that "made" me order again was Avon Pro-To-Go lipstick in shade Nude Peach. I stocked up with a bunch of bullet-like testers last spring, but was running out already. Why didn't I buy the full size of my all time favourite shade before (I hear you asking)? The answer is simple: I hate the packaging! And you get much less product for your 12 EUR compared to their Avon Ultra Color Rich lipstick for instance. I'd rather have a bunch of testers than this ugly bulky tube! lol

Thankfully I decided to check Avon website in December. Imagine my "joy" when I discovered it would be my last chance to buy this lipstick as they decided to discontinue it! Man, I'm lucky with this "phenomenon". lol There was also a campaign "Buy Avon Ultra Color Rich lipstick in LE silver packaging for only 3,9 EUR (normal price 8 EUR) with any other item". I chose Pout shade from 5 shades available. Pout is among my favourites (had several testers as well). And I also got Marimekko (Finnish textile and clothing design house) for Avon All-over face palette for 5,9 EUR (it cost around 15 EUR when it was on sale, it's LE). I actually wouldn't buy it (because I have too many blushes already!), but I couldn't resist the discount and a pretty-looking poppy design! :) The pigmentation is really poor (you have to literally pack the colour on!). All you get is glittery/shimmery face, or glittery/shimmery rosy cheeks if you worked hard. lol

Last but not least, I got more bullet-like testers (got only 7 this time, because I already have my faves in full size! :) ).

Natural "light"

Ultra Color Rich in Pout (nude pink)
Pro-To-Go in Nude Peach (nude peach indeed!). Ironically, shades seem opposite in this picture. lol
Natural "light", flash

Face powder/blush consists of 4 shades (the main poppy is pink with golden shimmer, other colours look close to what you see from this picture) divided by black plastic dividers. Pretty design, but crappy quality!
Natural "light"

Overall, I'm quite pleased with my order, but very frustrated that my favourite shade is discontinued! I really hope that Avon heard my rants about ugly packaging and will repromote this gorgeous shade someday! :)

Have you tried Avon? What are your thoughts?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Essie Eternal Optimist

Natural "light", flash (this picture is the closest to the reality)

Natural "light", flash

Natural "light"

15 ml (0,5 oz), exp. date: 30 months after opening, made in USA.

From Spring collection 2009.

Contains Formaldehyde Resin.

Colour: peachy pink beige. Reminds me of the Indian red tea with milk. :)

Finish: creme. I would call it milky! :)

Application: very smooth application , 2 coats is enough for a full coverage.

Retail price: ranges between 5 -8 USD.

Pros: perfect coverage, easy application, nice brush, pretty bottle, nice shade, list of ingredients.
Cons: the fact that it's not widely available here!

PS Pretty neutral nude shade suitable for office. Can give "mannequin hands" effect if your hands (like mine nowadays) are a little bit on the red side. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Share the love: Blue Sky

I'm continuing my "tradition" of non-beauty related posts for the weekends.

This time I present you one of my favourite things to watch - blue sky! :) I enjoy watching the white clouds or just a simple blueness of the sky. Isn't it gorgeous? And it doesn't matter in which part of the world you are! :)

Sky in Lithuania

Sky in Lithuania

Sky in Helsinki (Watching Tower, Helsinki Zoo)

Sky in Cyprus
So true! Blue sky makes me smile! :)

Hope you enjoyed! :)

To be continued! Stay tuned! :)


Friday, January 8, 2010

Fyrinnae Haul

I have so many things to write about. A bunch of pictures is waiting when I finally will be able to sort them out. And I still keep on getting my orders... from the previous year. :)

Here is what I got this time from Fyrinnae.

Natural "light"

Top row (from L to R): We're All Mad Here, Dragonskin, Dressed To Kill, Tyr, Dokkalfar
Middle Row (L to R): Boytoy, Polar Bear, Lucky Charmed, Hypercool, Biker Chic
Bottom Row (L to R): Hypnotize, Powder Primer, Velvet-Gel Silica Primer, Pixie Epoxy
Natural "light"

Top row (from L to R): We're All Mad Here, Dragonskin, Dressed To Kill, Tyr, Dokkalfar
Middle Row (L to R): Boytoy, Polar Bear, Lucky Charmed, Hypercool, Biker Chic
Bottom Row (L to R): Hypnotize, Powder Primer, Velvet-Gel Silica Primer, Pixie Epoxy
 Natural "light", flash, contrast added (to show the depth)

Shipping is max. 3 USD for US and 3,5 USD for International. Quite reasonable, isn't it? The best part - shipping is free on all orders over 20 USD WORLDWIDE! How cool is that?

Ordered on 17.12 (Thursday), order was shipped on 24.12, received on 4.1 (this Monday). IMO it's quite fast! Check their website for more details on their shipping schedules. They're quite busy and it takes time to CREATE product not just pack.

I had some difficulties when I tried to pay with PayPal. The payment just didn't "want" to go through. I contacted the customer service on 17.12 (Thursday evening). They replied that it's a common problem with PayPal and offered to send me an invoice. They also "discounted a bit for the trouble", i.e. I got one eyeshadow for free. Excellent customer service! :)

My initial thoughts:

I like the creativity of the brand: lots of different gorgeous shades with cool (dark mysterious gothic "tolkienistic") names. Great! All samples come in clear jars (blushes, eye shadows and face powders) or in "funny-looking cute tiny" jars (liquid products)! Great pigmentation! Generous samples! Eye shadow sample costs 1,75 USD, blush and primers - 1,5 USD.

I've already swatched all the products. Have no idea why Boytoy is so much less in quantity (it spilled only a little bit) compared to the rest. Polar Bear looks much more golden on the eye (I thought it would be more light beige pink gold), and so does Lucky Charmed (I thought it would be more olive in tone). My faves are on the first row, especially We're All Mad Here, Dragonskin and Dressed To Kill. I am definitely a green lover! :)

Pixie Epoxy does make a HUGE difference! Colours become several times deeper! The only bad thing I've noticed so far is that it's too sticky (so be quick to apply eye shadow ASAP, otherwise you might end up with a glued lid lol) and it's very difficult to blend the colour when Pixie Epoxy is on! I guess it's better to use it after you've blended all the edges and just want to deepen the colour. Can't comment on the longevity yet, because I only tested it for one hour.

Tried Powder Primer with Sassy Minerals foundation and Fyrinnae Hypnotize (Glow Blush) yesterday. Worked really well! I'd even say that I'm impressed! I have yet to figure out was it the foundation or the primer, or the combination of these two "guilty" in the flawlessness of my skin. lol I currently suffer from really bad hormonal breakouts and have those terrible red scars on my chin, so it's usually easy to say I'm wearing a foundation on my face, but this time it looked really like my "second skin", the scars were still visible though, but the overall situation was not that bad. Began to crease very slightly (on my nose) in about 10 hours. And that creasing wasn't the one when you see your foundation sliding off! It was more of a skin oil "sitting on the surface" (sounds kind of gross, but it's not that awful IRL lol). Great! :)

I also wore Polar Bear and Ruthless (Sassy Minerals) yesterday. Lasted pretty good with Urban Decay Primer Potion. Begin to fade in about 9 hours only.

Have yet to try Velvet-Gel Silica Primer "in action".

Have you tried Fyrinnae? What are your thoughts?

PS Fyrinnae don't repackage!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blog Award: 7 interesting facts

Hello again! It's been a while! I missed you! Hope you had great holidays and a joyous start of the New Year! :) I have so many things to post about (btw, juts got a package which was shipped on 24.11! :) ), but so little time! I'll try to catch up with everything! :)

Thank you, Kim from Dottie K for my first blog award! Btw, I managed to make those links, yay! lol

  • Thank the blogger who awarded you and link them
  • Put the picture of the award in your blog
  • Award 7 bloggers, link them and tell them
  • Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself
The 7 Bloggers I'm Awarding:

It is really difficult to track those bloggers who haven't done this tag yet! If you read this post and haven't done this tag yet, I tag YOU! Let me know in the comments, I'd like to read your facts as well! :)

My 7 Interesting Facts:
  1. I looove reading! Books, magazines, blogs, random stuff - I always read something when I have free time. My recent love "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Brontë. MUST READ!
  2. I'm all about healthy life style!.. especially in theory... lol
  3. I'm a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy, Fringe, Hercule Poirot and... LOST (can't wait for the last season)! I'm also a fan of Sex and the City, Private Practice, Married with Children, Nip/Tuck and Friends. :)
  4. I absolutely hate milk chocolate, coffee (I like the smell though) and plain water. I'm a green tea and dark chocolate (more than 70% cocoa) lover. :)
  5. Traveling, foreign cultures and cuisines are one of my hobbies. I have tons of culture (along with healthy life style!) related literature. I collect it. :)
  6. I’ve never had a "real" haircut. I only visited a hairdresser a couple of times for a party and wedding hairdos, and once for colouring. I’m a "happy" owner of long and straight silky "wheat blonde" hair. They are quite thin for my liking, and I usually wear a plait (can't imagine myself fighting with my a little below waist long hair when it's snowy and windy outside!) which looks a bit childish for a 26 y.o. but I love my hair anyway! :)
  7. I get very tired of a real shopping after the first hour, but can spend the whole evening shopping online! lol
Thank you! :)