Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hi-Fi Haul

More mineral eyeshadows... and more greens!:)

Natural "light", contrast added

Natural "light", flash
Boom Shaka Laka and Deck The Halls - both freebies! Greens! Wow!:)

Natural "light"

Natural "light", flash
Natural "light", flash
These two were freebies (oh my! Hot Rod looks a little bit too bright for me)!:)
"Let it not snow!" lol Pengi is cute though!

Shipping for 10 samples (8,99 USD for 10 samples, 4,99 USD for 5 g jar) was 1,5 USD worldwide. The best part - I got 4 free samples! How cool is that? :)

Ordered on 28.12 (Monday), received my order on week 3 (our vacation time). 2,5 weeks - not bad.

My initial thoughts:

I've already tried The Sultan (gorgeous!!!), The Cyanide You Drank (what a name! lol) and Wicked the other day, and also have already swatched all the products (gotta take pictures some other day). The pigmentation is wonderful! And they blend really well. Can't comment on the "longevity", because I wore it for a couple of hours only.

Greens are all fantastic and vibrant! I'm so glad they gave me Boom Shaka Laka for free. This one, Cyanide You Drank and The Sultan (perfect for highlighting the inner corner!) are my absolutely faves from the bunch. :) All the colours are gorgeous though! :) Shimmery, pigmented, rich and vibrant! Did I mention that the baggies are huge? AND! They sent a pocket calendar! :)

Have you tried Hi-Fi? What are your thoughts?

PS Hi-Fi don't repackage.


  1. I <3 HiFi! Veronica's colors are so nice :D

  2. Totally agree!:) I must admit, I think I'm in love with all mineral eyeshadows I've tried so far! Why on Earth there are so many gorgeous DIFFERENT colours! Who would have thought there could be 1000 variations of green?! lol Planning to order more stuff from Aromaleigh, Sassy and Fyrinnae. So much fun! Unbelievable! :) Btw, I'm planning to try Fyrinnae's lip lustres just because of you. :)

  3. Now it's one of my favourites too! :) Those samples are huge! I transferred The Cyanide You Drank into Fyrinnae's jar (well, these jars are the same for Sassy Minerals samples also) - and it's almost full. Thinking of making my own nail polish from TCYD now, have to order a full size for that purpose. Gorgeous shade! :)