Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avon Haul

Normally I am not keen on Avon products. I think they're overpriced (lipstick for 10 EUR, foundation for 16 EUR? Body Wash for 5 EUR? No, thanx!) and not of the best quality. You can get a better product for a better price.

The only thing that "made" me order again was Avon Pro-To-Go lipstick in shade Nude Peach. I stocked up with a bunch of bullet-like testers last spring, but was running out already. Why didn't I buy the full size of my all time favourite shade before (I hear you asking)? The answer is simple: I hate the packaging! And you get much less product for your 12 EUR compared to their Avon Ultra Color Rich lipstick for instance. I'd rather have a bunch of testers than this ugly bulky tube! lol

Thankfully I decided to check Avon website in December. Imagine my "joy" when I discovered it would be my last chance to buy this lipstick as they decided to discontinue it! Man, I'm lucky with this "phenomenon". lol There was also a campaign "Buy Avon Ultra Color Rich lipstick in LE silver packaging for only 3,9 EUR (normal price 8 EUR) with any other item". I chose Pout shade from 5 shades available. Pout is among my favourites (had several testers as well). And I also got Marimekko (Finnish textile and clothing design house) for Avon All-over face palette for 5,9 EUR (it cost around 15 EUR when it was on sale, it's LE). I actually wouldn't buy it (because I have too many blushes already!), but I couldn't resist the discount and a pretty-looking poppy design! :) The pigmentation is really poor (you have to literally pack the colour on!). All you get is glittery/shimmery face, or glittery/shimmery rosy cheeks if you worked hard. lol

Last but not least, I got more bullet-like testers (got only 7 this time, because I already have my faves in full size! :) ).

Natural "light"

Ultra Color Rich in Pout (nude pink)
Pro-To-Go in Nude Peach (nude peach indeed!). Ironically, shades seem opposite in this picture. lol
Natural "light", flash

Face powder/blush consists of 4 shades (the main poppy is pink with golden shimmer, other colours look close to what you see from this picture) divided by black plastic dividers. Pretty design, but crappy quality!
Natural "light"

Overall, I'm quite pleased with my order, but very frustrated that my favourite shade is discontinued! I really hope that Avon heard my rants about ugly packaging and will repromote this gorgeous shade someday! :)

Have you tried Avon? What are your thoughts?


  1. That's crazy expensive! The reason I love Avon is because it's so damn cheap in America. That blush is so pretty.

  2. Yep, it is. I'd better think twice whether I should buy something from Avon or from another better brand for the same price.

  3. Yep, it's even prettier IRL! :) Too bad it's not as pigmented as it looks! Because it's a face palette not a blush. I don't see a point of having a pink and glittery face though (if applied heavily). lol