Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Before and After

I thought it would be interesting and funny to tell how youtube, specktra, mua, blogs, etc affected my perception of "the world of makeup" . Let's begin!:)

Before: First thing to check in the morning - emails and news.
After: Subscription updates on youtube and blogs, then email and news.

Before: Youtube is the place to check movie trailers.
After: It's also the place to check new makeup trends.

Before: What's the point of blushes? I don't need one!
After: These are meant for contouring, for "refreshing" i.e. healthy look, and for just being "natural".

Before: Eye shadows don't last (cause they crease obviously)! I don't need one (although I bought few...)! Primers? What are you talking about?
After: UDPP is magical!

Before: ... (I mean "I had no clue".)
After: blending is VERY important!

Before: Sponge applicators. Brushes for applying eye shadows? Are you kidding me?!
After: Use BRUSHES!!! Seriously, I had no clue they can make such a HUGE difference!

Before: Bobby Brown is a crazy husband of poor Whitney Houston. NARS what?! My friend says MAC foundation is really good.
After: Bobbi Brown (not BobbY!) and NARS are gurus! I am aware of every single collection Nars or MAC have/launch, although I don't have anything from their stuff, but am planning to buy (so pity it's much more expensive here in Finland!). Now 2 of my friends say MAC foundations are super good, but they don't know what or who is NARS. Gotta tell them!..

Before: I should have a maximum of 2 lipsticks, 1 mascara, 1 foundation, 1 etc.
After: There is no such a thing as "too much makeup"! Oh my, I have 5 lip BALMS now! 1 for "good night", 1 for "good morning", 1 in my purse, 1 tinted and 1 "just so". Gotta get more?.. hmm...

I blame you, Youtube and others! LOL

What's your story?:)

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