Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Internet purchases. Pros & Cons

I am quite picky when it comes to face care, colours and most importantly the SMELL. I'm used to the "old manner" of choosing stuff. I mean testing them "face-to-face".:) However recently, when I got completely sucked in by all that makeup lovers community, I discovered a completely new era for me - "ordering makeup from Internet". "Face-to-face" turned into "hear&see the reviews/swatches".:) Sometimes it worked really well, sometimes - not. Here is my short list of only great surprises and disappointments:

1. Carmex moisturising lip balm. It is my "good night" lip balm.:)
Pros: great moisturiser, long-lasting (it is still on when I wake up), non-sticky.
Cons: packaging is only suitable for "really clean hands" and for "short nails", the SMELL (!) is kind of plastic&mint, but it quickly disappears, it tingles for a couple of minutes.

In case you wonder what I mean with "really clean hands" jar, see the picture below. :) Btw, it's my first try to make a picture. More coming soon.:)

2. Coastal Scents stuff (88 eye shadow palette, blushes, brushes, micas, etc.)
Pros: relatively cheap, seem to be of a decent quality, great pigmentation, smooth application, etc.
Cons: some of their products (palettes) are available on Ebay at a lower price! I was in shock when I found out that they are not the manufacturers or creators of these wonderful palettes but just the retailers. Now I'm questioning the quality of these stuff as you never know what are the working conditions of those factories in Hong Kong...:( Additionally, 2 of their brushes "unglued" and they look horrible inside (the glue almost touches the bristles!!!), be aware! It should be referred as "88 palette from Hong Kong" not "from Coastal Scents".

3. Urban Decay Primer Potion
Pros: cute packaging, eye shadows last longer, etc etc
Cons: bad packaging - such a waste of product! There are days UDPP creases! I guess my eyelids can be TOO oily even for UDPP..:/

1. Victoria's secret stuff, including Sweet sugar refreshing body mist in "Sweet sugar", "Love spell" set and "Super model" Edp.
Pros: quite cute packaging, great reviews, nice descriptions of smells...
Cons: SMELL!!!!!!! I absolutely don't like all these smells. They're horrible and nothing like they're described. "Sweet sugar" is TOO sweet&artificial nothing to do with coconut smell! "Love spell" smells like cheapest sweets and baby shampoo from my childhood. Nothing to do with cherry blossom, peach and white jasmine! "Super model" smells like some cheap'n'sweet granny's perfume! I'm glad "SM" is just 7,5 ml! My GREATEST disappointment! I feel so bad my friend had to buy&carry all these stuff from USA.:( Am I too picky or is my sense of smell is so different and weird?!:)

2. CoverGirl Lashblast mascara.
Pros: separates my lashes, smooth application in terms of "messiness" i.e. touching my skin.
Cons: dries too quickly so that I'm struggling a lot when applying the second coat. In case I'm not fast enough it clumps terribly! Doesn't thicken or lengthen comparing to some other mascaras. The package is HUGE! 13,1 ml (0,44 oz)! I can't make it in 3 months! Such a waste!

3. AVON Lash-pro mascara "Jillian Dempsey for Avon"
Pros: VERY cool idea! One big-brush side for upper lashes, another small-brush side with waterproof formula for lower lashes. How smart is that?:) SUPER lengthens! I was in shock, honestly! I've never thought my lashes can be THIS long! I normally don't apply mascara on my lower lashes as my eyes are quite "watery", the small-brush side solved the problem.:)
Cons: It dries out very quickly! It worked perfectly for one week only and now it's horrible - clumps&flakes terribly. Dunno maybe I damaged it somehow...:/

4. Weleda Iris series for normal and combination skin including face cream, facial toner and cleansing lotion.
Pros: the fact that it's natural cosmetics always attracted me although I'm now quite skeptical to all those "ecological", "organic" and "natural" stuffies. I don't trust them anymore. Safe packaging though - glass jars and metal tubes.
Cons: SMELL!!!! I told you I hate all those weird smells. Iris series smell like some medicine (weird, huh?:) ) Too "liquidy"! Didn't do what the company claimed these products should do.

PS Can't stop wondering how we all differ from each other! Miracle!:)

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