Tuesday, January 27, 2009

5 random facts about me

1. I’ve never had a “real” haircut; however I visited a hairdresser a couple of times for a party and wedding hairdos, and once for colouring. My mum and now my hubby (!!!) are my “hair stylists”.:) I’m a happy owner of long and straight silky hair although they are quite thin, and I usually wear a plait which looks a bit childish for a 25 y.o. but I love my hair anyway!:) Between I’m still an 18 y.o. girl in my heart! LOL

2. I “met” my hubby in the Internet (Odigo messenger) in 2000. Can you believe it?:) We’ve been married for 4 years now.:)

3. I absolutely don’t like chocolate, coffee and plain water. Weird, right?:)

4. I started to use mascara and nail polishes when I was 13-14 y.o, but tried eyebrow pencil and blush 2 years ago. How could I live without these things (especially the brow pencil) before? LOL

5. I can read books, magazines, watch movies all day long without going out. Once I watched 5 seasons of Hercule Poirot and the other day 3 seasons of Sex and the City!:) And read “The Da Vinci code” in one day before the movie premiere so that I could “check” my fresh memories in cinema! LOL Now I could watch Youtube tutorials all day long, but thankfully I have some other things to do these days! LOL

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