Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Short review: Gal Collection Lip Balm

Intro: 15 ml (0,53 oz) glossy "Vaselina/Fragranced balm" in "old style" tins from Madrid (Spain).
Price (in Finland): ¨3,5 EUR
Flavours: violet, red currant, vanilla, peach, orange and strawberry.
Ingredients: Petrolatum, ceresin, paraffin, fragrance, apricot kernel oil, beta-carotene, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sorbitan tristearate, limonene, linalool, C.I. 15850 (Red 7 lake).
Usage: lips, cuticles, dry skin (but not all over your face or body!). I use it only on my lips though...

This balm is my "good morning balm" or whenever I feel I want to smell "sweet&peachy".:) It's also perfect for priming lips before applying lipstick/lip gloss.
Pros: cute packaging, very nice and subtle smell although it's a bit sweet and "vaseline-smell-like" (I have it in "Peach"), great moisturiser, long-lasting, non-sticky, glossy.
Cons: the same thing as for Carmex - packaging is only suitable for "really clean hands" and for "short nails", or brush.

What comes to other tastes, as I smelled all of them before choosing my "Peach"...:) IMHO, vanilla is not even close to vanilla, orange is extremely artificial and sweet, strawberry smells more like strawberry jam rather than fresh strawberry, red currant and violet both have some weird sweet scents - nothing close to my perception of how red currant and violet are supposed to smell like.:/

Conclusion: It's my favourite lip balm ever. I would honestly use just this one, but I have 4 other ones and I'm the kind of weird person who doesn't like to have "never-to-be-used" things if they are not that bad.:) Strange that Gal collection balm doesn't get that much attention as Carmex for instance...


  1. I like the design of the box, but never heard about it before though.. :P

  2. Yep, the tin is super cute! Nice "bonus" for this perfect product.:) Comparing to Carmex this one is a MEGA And the weird thing is that their prices are the same although Gal Collection contains almost twice more!

    I googled a little bit.:) Here is the pictures of all 6 tins:

  3. Such pretty packaging :)...I'll definitely get some if I ever come across them ;).

  4. I must admit that I got it primarily because of this cute But now I like this balm a lot - it feels extremely light and moisturising. And peachy scent is very nice. However, Carmex is more suitable for "dry lip days".:)

  5. Ive got the red currant one and its really nice

  6. Iv got the strawberry one which is divine and very pretty though not for those who are picky about the scent:)

  7. The tin is pretty except I cannot open it any more. It is stuck. Any idea how to open it again?