Saturday, April 10, 2010

Share the love: Cat 2

I'm continuing my "tradition" of non-beauty related posts for the weekends.

Last time I showed you some wonderful cats we met during our trips and one teaser picture of my mom's cat. This time I present you the very same mom's cat and my mother-in-law's cat! I found only one picture of MY dear cat. I have to scan it, I'll show it some other day.

Got confused with all those cats? lol "My mom's cat" refers to the cat she brought home 4 years ago, when I wasn't living in my home country anymore. "My cat" refers to the cat we got when I was a little girl. The only reason mom took this little "new" kitty was that my cat was very sick and we all thought she's going to die very soon. BUT! When mom brought Darius (yep, like Darius I of Persia lol), Simona felt she is going to stay with us and will raise Darius as her son. The best thing is that Simona now looks so much better! And younger! She's around 16-17 y.o. now. Quite old for a cat. Simona is one of the most gracious cats I've ever met, and Darius is one of the gentlest and most friendly!

Here is Darius at the "age" of 2-3 months:

Here is my mother-in-law's kitty:
 Isn't she cute? :)

I love these cats!!! One day I'll have my own little friend! Aren't cats adorable? :)

Hope you enjoyed!

To be continued! Stay tuned!



  1. So cute! I might get a siberian cat tomorrow :D If so, I'll post pictures of course.

  2. Thank you, girls! I'll tell them! :)

    Nea, whoa! Great! *crossing fingers* :)

    Btw, Darius supposedly has some Siberian blood as he doesn't look 100% Persian. :)

  3. Nea, yay! So happy for you! It's going to be so much fun and happiness! :)