Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's randomness. Tag: Show me your fridge! and NOTD

We all need to cheer up a little bit, don't we? I was thinking of posting my recent Fyrinnae haul, but then I found this random stuff in my Drafts and decided to give it a go. And it's more appropriate for April Fool's day. Honestly, I don't get the whole idea of this whole thing, but whatever. lol

Remember this funny tag going around a couple of months ago? I thought it was quite interesting&entertaining. Here is what's on my fridge:

Note: Magnet from Thailand was a present from our friends. I wish we could go there one day!

We began collecting magnets-souvenirs just recently. I really enjoy the process of finding "the most unique". :) Unfortunately, sometimes it's just impossible to find any shops selling souvenirs. Hence, several places are not represented here. :/ 

Sweet Corn, Mickey Mouse, Henry&Gord (from Thomas the Tank Engine), butterfly - cute stuff with their own stories&memories. :) We change cards from time to time. But the one with cute tiny mice and the one with animals (btw, these two are from the same author) are our all time fovourites, so they are not going anywhere! :)

Our fridge is perhaps the most colourful place in our apartment. :)

NOTD - my first attempt at konading!

Natural light

As you might have guessed it was my NOTD for Alice in Wonderland. :)

I used OPI Done Out in Deco as a base, Color Club Wild At Heart for the bow.

Overall I liked how it came out, but I wish I could place the bow closer to the tip. Oh well, next time I'll be more careful.I really like the combo of these two! And, I even got several complements! Yay! :)

I'm terribly sorry for my awful cuticles (now I think it could be the residue from the base coat... hmmm). The picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when my hands still were suffering from the cold weather. They're much better at the moment.

And, the most important thing, this picture is a perfect illustration of OPI nail polish (at least this one for sure) being long-lasting. It's my 4th day of wear. Not bad considering I constantly washed my hands and did some house cleaning.

Have a nice Easter!
Do you celebrate Easter? What do you think about April Fool? :)


  1. The little konad stamp is so cute and and sweet :3

    My fridge doesn't have anything on it, we have one with the chromey stainless steel finish and mum is terribly OCD about scratches and fingerprints, so no magnets or cool things are taped to it :(

  2. It's my absolute favourite! :) It's simply beautiful. :)

    This chrome stainless steel is so demanding! :(