Monday, April 26, 2010

LaurEss Haul. Swatches.

I've heard so many good things about LaurEss foundations, so I finally decided to check these out. :)

Here is what I got:

 Natural light, flash, contrast added

 Natural light, contrast added

I ordered 2 samples of foundations (2 USD each) in Subtle Neutral Minimalist ("light neutral beige") and Gentle Neutral Elemental ("fair neutral beige"), and 2 liquid lip glosses (3 USD each) in Intoxicating ("shimmering warm pink") and Harmony ("creamy and matte, light muted peach"). I got 1 free sample of foundation in Subtle Ivory Minimalist ("light neutral with gold undertones") with my order.

Shipping was 5 USD for International. Quite reasonable, especially if you order more products.

Ordered on 1.3 (Monday), order was shipped on 3.3, received on 15.3 (Monday). I guess it's ok.

My initial thoughts:

I've already tried all the products. I love everything! My order came in the envelope, products were sealed in a plastic bag over a sheet of carton. Yep, it was that weird. lol Foundation samples come in sealed jars.
I am still not sure which shade is the best match as they do look very similar to each other and it seems they all look very natural on my skin (especially indoors). I think I prefer elemental formula though as it provides more coverage. It looks very natural, I'd even say flawless if I didn't have any breakouts and scars. Unfortunately, this foundation can't cover everything (you know what I mean, don't you?). Have to try Ethereal formula next time. And still... honestly, these three shades are the best match for me in terms of formula and shades! I usually end up with a bunch of completely useless shades with some awful chalky "sitting on the surface" formulas.:/ So this is a big plus in my book.
As for the lip glosses. I like them a lot: wearable shades, smooth application, pretty long lasting, nice smell (toffee), nice consistency (glossy but not sticky)! I am very pleased with my order! And I will definitely come for more one day! :)

Natural light

Natural light, flash

One thing I want to mention is the size of the lip glosses! Remember me talking about the size of the liquid lip gloss of Silk Naturals ("tubes that appear to be smaller than that of Fyrinnae")? Well, prepare for some HUGE AWWWW! lol These are so much smaller! You had to see my face when I saw these tiny beauties! I know for some of you it might be a big "no-no" for 3 USD (for 0.03 oz = 0.9 ml!? when full size of 0.33 oz = 10 ml is 13 USD), but for me it's a PLUS. I wish they'd be a little cheaper though. That being said, I'm in love! :) And they seem to last forever despite being this small. Magic. lol
Here is a comparison for you:
 Natural light, flash
Awww! lol

Natural light
From L to R: Fyrinnae Lickable, Silk Naturals Summer Fling, LaurEss Harmony
Have you tried LaurEss? What are your thoughts? Any favourites?

PS LaurEss doesn't repackage!


  1. I LOVE LaurEss Elemental Foundation! Ethereal is really a heavy coverage, worth testing if you want heavy coverage :)I also really like their powder, Luminesce (or something like that).

    I'm not huge fan of lip glosses, but thosee are still nice :) I have Sassy and Harmony in full size. There is something in the taste that I'm not so fond of...

  2. I've not tried anything from LaurEss, that Intoxicating lip gloss looks really nice though :3

  3. Nea, I hope Ethereal has the same feel as the Elemental, as it feels so nice. :) The scent of lip glosses is really interesting. To my own surprise I find it pleasant. :) I just checked it once again, it reminds me not only of toffee but of Belgian waffles! lol *adds Luminesce to the wishlist* :)

    SilhouetteScreams, it's pretty and natural-looking "your lips but better". And, not sheer! :)

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