Wednesday, June 23, 2010

China Glaze I'm Not Bitter. I need a DUPE!

Sorry, I was away from my blog again. Had so many things going on, including "baby sitting" our friends' dog for almost 3 weeks, planning a bridal shower for my best friend, searching for THE dress (currently waiting for several ones to arrive, ordered them online), searching for a new car (this was SO difficult!!!), and some personal stuff. But at least I managed to read some of your blogs! :)

Oh my, time FLIEEES so freaking fast! Don't you agree?

I really hope I'll manage to make more posts this and the following week (at least I finally uploaded pictures! yay!). I shopped (mainly clothes!) so much (for my liking) this month, it's crazy, but I like it. :) And I changed/updated my style a little bit, yay! :)

Ok, onto today's "subject". Some time ago I suddenly realised that red nail polish stopped "irritating" my eye. Yep, you've heard that right! I've NEVER tried/had true red nail polish, and I used to skip/ignore all those red nail polish collections or swatches. All reds just looked the same to me, and I must admit this was the shade I thought I'd never dare to wear. Somehow, bright orange, or green, or electric blue didn't seem so daring to me. lol

I'll repeat myself - all of a sudden (to my great surprise) I started searching for a perfect red. I couldn't even imagine there are so many different shades of red out there. This is just insane! So freaking difficult to choose!!! :) Now I have 6... lol

Lovely Brooke from Getcha Nails Did tried to help me with my first choice back in March (once again: I know I'm "a little bit" slow :) ). Check her post on reds with shimmers (incl. CG I'm Not Bitter!).

Natural light
Warm tone?

Natural light
Cool tone? (still more on the warm side, right?)

Natural light, flash
Check the fabulous "glow from within" effect!

 Natural light, flash

Note: Pretend you don't see how I manged to ruin my index nail with my Poshe Fast drying top coat which showed the first "signs of aging" when I wore this many in the beginning of May. :)

14 ml (0,5 oz), exp. date: 36 (not sure) months after opening, made in USA.

From Voodoo That U Do Collection, 2005.

Nail lacquer with hardeners (Kaolin/China clay).
Old formula (contains DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde resin).

Colour: gorgeous sophisticated cherry red with fine shimmer. It might look warm or cool depending on the lighting.

Finish: shimmer (metallic effect?).

Application: surprisingly smooth application, 2 (or even 1 would do!) coats are enough for a full coverage.

Retail price: 2,5 USD - 10 EUR.

Pros: perfect coverage, pretty bottle, fantastic shade.
Cons: strong smell, old formula (NOT big 3 free!), thin brush, the fact that it's so expensive here!

PS Juicy cherry! Bright, sexy and daring! :)

Any dupes (Big 3 free) for this shade? Preferably from CG, OPI, Essie, Misa, or Color Club. Thank you! :)

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