Friday, June 4, 2010

China Glaze DV8

Natural light, flash



This picture is blurry, but at least you can see those tiny sparkles. :)

Note: For some reason my cuticles look kind of gross in these pictures (especially the last two), they're not that bad looking irl! :) And, in case you're wondering - nope, I absolutely hate cuticle cutting, cuticle pushing rocks! :)

14 ml (0,5 oz), exp. date: 36 months after opening, made in USA.

From OMG collection, 2009.

Nail lacquer with hardeners (Kaolin/China clay).
3 Big free (and I don't see Formaldehyde resin in the list of ingredients).

Colour: Aquatic turquoise with holographic rainbow shimmer.

Finish: holographic shimmer. Shimmer is so fine that it's better be described as frost-metallic/foil finish.

Application: a little bit tricky application, especially at the very beginning. The first coat was a nightmare. I had a feeling like I was putting a mercury/quicksilver on my nails, not that I've ever tried doing this. lol "Finally" I understood that weird term "cuticle drag". lol I was so upset, I wanted to remove the nail polish immediately, but then I decided to give it a chance (because I just hate removing nail polish! lol), and the 2nd coat saved my mani and the whole day. lol

Retail price: 2,5 USD - 10 EUR.

Pros: cool effect (rainbow! like a mirror!), good coverage, pretty bottle, big 3 free, almost no brush strokes.
Cons: strong smell, "cuticle drag" thingy, the fact that it's so expensive here!

PS To be honest I don't love this shade that much (greenish blue aka aquatic turquoise is not my thing), and it reminds me of those funky holographic gift wraps. :) What I like is that rainbow effect. :) Btw, hubby said it's one of the best blue shades he had ever seen, and he likes it even more than my favourite China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires! Everyone has his/her own opinion, right? lol


  1. Oh god that colour is just so stunning! I NEED ALL of their holographic colours. Must save up my pocket money :)

  2. I would be more than happy to do a polish exchange with some of your girls, China Glaze is in abundance here in Texas!

  3. Lillian, holos are super cool! In addition to this I have black, purple and green. Love them! They look great, especially when the sun shines. Sparkly magic! :)

    Arlene, thank you, girl! :) I just got my second package from Ebay. So, no more nail polish shopping for me (I wonder for how long can I stick to this? lol). But I'd consider doing a polish exchange with someone from US one day. :)

  4. Oooh! I need that color! Aqua is kinda my thing. I may have to do a bit of nail polish shopping. ;)

  5. Jennifae, it's a great shade, it's just not really my thing (but my hubby's lol). Perhaps, it'll grow on me one day like recently the reds did! :) And, nail polish shopping is so much fun! Definitely do it, or at least try! :)