Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Konad Haul

I did it! I finally ordered some Konad stuff from OC Nail Art! Yay! It's February already, and I'm still struggling to stick to my New Year's Resolution, but let's see how it'll work :)

Stamper and scraper (4,99 USD, it seems they now carry a new 2 sided version of stamper only), and 10 ml Special Stamping Polish in Metallic Gold (6,99 USD)

Two "Full nails" plates M73 and M64, and one "French tips" M56 (6,99 USD each)

Shipping is free on orders above 20 USD for USA and Canada, and on orders above 40 USD for International (before shipping and taxes!). If your order is below 40 USD, shipping is 10 USD.

Note: I ordered before 15.1.2010, when the shipping was free on orders above 20 USD.
I also used 30% discount code GETCHA (of lovely Brooke from Getcha Nails Did). Now "OC Nail Art will donate 30% of your order (before taxes and shipping) to the American Red Cross for Haitian relief efforts!  Use coupon code HAITI when you order online."

Ordered on 12.1 (Tuesday), received my order on week 3 (sometime between 18-20.1). Super fast shipping!

My initial thoughts:

I love my plates. All the patterns seem so interesting! I understand they might be quite difficult to use for a beginner, but anyway! I love challenges! lol And I have tons of ideas! Gotta find time for them. Stay tuned! :)

I tried "konading" one nail with Konad Special Stamping Polish in Metallic Gold. Hmmm, is it just me, or is it indeed a little bit watery and "not so pigmented"? :/ Have yet to investigate this issue...

I guess there is no need asking "Have you  tried Konad". Am I right? :)

PS My 2 absolutely favourite posts about Konad: 

Konad Q&A from Do Not Refreeze

Check them out! :)


  1. Nice haul and I can't wait to see your playtime with it.
    I got the silver and it transfers pretty light.
    The best is the black and the white. I'm newish so haven't taken the time to try the other Konad Polishes but I've heard they are all good but they say the gold/silver are faint. :)
    Have fun,

  2. I'm interested in Konading too, but I seldom use nail polish nowadays because I hate removing it :D The ribbon looks so cute!

  3. susies1955, thank you for your interest (I have so many plans!.. as always! :) ) and also for letting me know about gold/silver! My fault I didn't investigate this issue regarding the golden polish earlier. :/ Lesson is learned! :)

    Sagu, me too!:) I'd like to change my polish daily, but I am too lazy to remove it! I hate the removal process! :D Especially for shimmers and glitters (EVIL!!! lol). Depend Green nail polish remover makes the situation even worse! I was removing Orly CCK (it's creme) the other day and it took me about 20 minutes to remove the polish!

    You have to try Konad! It should be fun! At least it looks so. :) I bet black or white ribbon will look super cute on white or black background.:)

  4. Don't get me wrong. :) The silver and gold can be used ok but you have to have quite a contrast. Use a real dark polish for your base.
    I find removal of polish MUCH easier now that I found out that 'felt' and 100% no additive acetone works great. :)

  5. Susie, I tried mine over dark violet polish and the metallic gold was "barely there". :/

    I can't use acetone, because my hands are super dry. :( Additionally, I tend to choose "eco friendly" stuff. :) I might try that "felt" with my polish remover, maybe this combo will work better, who knows. :)

  6. Yay, glad to see you got some stuff! :D
    Thanks so much for mentioning my post.
    Can't wait to see some pictures of your creations!

  7. Hope the felt works for you.

  8. Leanne, your post is fantastic! I always enjoyed (and still enjoy!) watching konadicures, but it were you and Trincess (from Emerald Sparkled) who actually inspired me to try it! :) Thank you! :)

    Btw, I have an idea for you Question Of The Week - about the eyelash curler. Please, check my previous post. What do you think? :)

    Susie, I'll let you know! Thank you for the idea! Haven't thought of it before (I've heard about it from some other bloggers though). :)

  9. Great haul! I need to order some more plates.

  10. Great haul! I love OC Nail Art - great customer service, and Kathleen is a doll to deal with (at least that's my experience ;))
    The M73 looks intriguing, gotta include that one with my next order. The other 2 I already have, and they are really nice - they're not so difficult to work with even for beginners!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with - have fun! :))

  11. gildedangel, thank you! :) Definitely, order some more plates from OC Nail Art, and don't forget about 30% discount code HAITI.

    Helen, thank you! :) I especially like that flower pattern and hearts on M73. :) Dark vampy mauve with golden little flowers... Ohh!! *dreaming* But not till the end of February, because starting from tomorrow's morning I'm fully occupied and won't have time to paint my nails (not speaking about the polish remover process!). The worst thing, I'll have to cut them shorter, because with shorter nails it's much more easier to type (and believe me, I'll be typing A LOT).:) *enjoying my last free day*

  12. great haul! i'm still learning how to use mine, i purchased them not too long ago. the gold polish looks lovely! :) xx